Bride-To-Be? Skincare and Beauty Tips for Six Months Before Your Glamorous Indian Wedding

By Sultana | 11 Jul 2022 | 16 min read

How to get Glowing Skin for your South Asian Wedding

Are you ready for your big day? As a South Asian bride, you have a lot of thoughts floating around in your head but in the midst of planning your engagement party, bridal shower, wedding, and honeymoon, it is easy to sometimes forget to take care of yourself. However, you need to start considering your skincare routine at least six months before the wedding. Wedding planning can be a long and strenuous period, where your skin is exposed to numerous stressors including hormonal imbalance, extreme weather conditions, poor eating habits, insufficient water, and so on. Therefore you must take preventive measures to protect your skin and maintain its glow and radiance during your wedding events. It's not just about looking amazing, it's about feeling healthy and beautiful on your wedding day. There are several steps you can take as an Indian bride to make a significant difference in the way you look.

We recently featured two incredible women-founded South Asian brands in two articles: Meet Rooshy Roy, Founder of an Indian-American Makeup Brand Celebrating Indian Beauty Rituals, and Luxury Beauty Brand Interview: Paying A Glowing Tribute to Moms With AMMU Beauty. Today, we go one step deeper. If you're looking for the best skin care regimen for 6 months and beauty tips before your Indian wedding, this article is for you.


Skincare for the bride

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Stress Management for the Bride-to-Be

There's nothing more beauty bummer than stress. Managing stress can not only ruin your much-needed beauty sleep, stress, which weakens the immune system, can also lead to inflammatory conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. To manage stress, you can chill out with your best friends, grab a morning / evening walk or run without your phone, hit yoga classes,do meditation through apps like Calm or Headspace, or even try aromatherapy. Make sure that you have your own comforting space to de-stress from all the Indian wedding drama.


Dermatologist Appointments for the Bride-to-Be

Having a skin emergency on your wedding day can cause you an unnecessary amount of stress and embarrassment. Be it acne, rashes or any other skin problem, these party poopers are unpredictable and accompany the anxiety-inducing preparation of an Indian wedding. This is why visiting a dermatologist a good 6 months prior to your wedding can ensure that your skin is healthy and prevent any further disasters in front of hundreds of guests. If you need them, some treatments may take a while to produce the desired results. Secondly, you never know if you have any side effects from a treatment or prescription, so you want to make sure you give your skin enough time to recover. With all of the chaos of an Indian wedding as your big day comes closer, it's best to work out a strategy and timeline as early as possible to achieve your desired look.


Exfoliation for the Bride-to-Be



Your skin, with all the dead cells building up over time, may give a dull look which is why dermatologists recommend exfoliating your skin regularly. Exfoliation not only gets rid of the dead cell accumulation, but it also restores your glow and gives you a smooth, soft skin that looks and feels wonderful. Plus, it makes applying makeup on your face that much easier on your wedding day. Beginning this beauty routine as early as possible is a great way to get your skin used to regular exfoliation. However, be mindful of not overdoing it as exfoliating too often can leave your skin rough and damaged. Make sure to choose your scrub according to your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, consider a very fine scrub that won't scrape your skin too much or cause skin inflammation. For instance, microdermabrasion scrubs are gentle on the skin with minuscule grains. Glycolic and salicylic acids are also great options that are usually applied at night.

Rooshy Roy, the founder of the luxury Indian beauty brand AAVRANI, says, “The Glow Activating Exfoliator is the perfect product to start using before your wedding. It’s made with Turmeric, Neem, and Honey to gently exfoliate, brighten, and even your skin tone. The Glow Activating Exfoliator is inspired by my Grandmother's Turmeric Mask recipe and it’s the World’s First Turmeric Mask that doesn’t stain. I like to use it as a mask  2-3x a week, but you can also use it as a gentle (yet effective) spot treatment to help treat breakouts. 

One of my favorite Indian Wedding traditions is the Haldi Ceremony, where family & friends shower the couple with a mixture of turmeric, oil, and water. This ancient ritual blesses the marriage; turmeric leaves the bride and groom glowing, literally. Inspired by Haldi, this formula is elevated with botanicals & antioxidants to leave you glowing, too.”


Diet for the Bride-to-Be

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Eating healthy, and not just taking care of your skin with chemicals and expensive products, is the beginning of beautiful skin. Your meals are reflected on your face, which is why it is best to start a nutritious diet with a balance of carbs, fat, and protein for your skin to be at its best on the day of your wedding. Acne and oily skin might be caused by poor dietary habits. Keep in mind that while make-up may cover up your canvas, your skin must glow from within to get that perfect bridal appearance. It is suggested that you gradually eliminate unhealthy and junk meals 6 months before the wedding. Our founder, Arjita Shrimali, went off french fries for 6 months! Hydration is essential for good skin, so drink plenty of water (at least 8-10 glasses if not more), freshly squeezed juices, and green tea. Consuming fruits and leafy green veggies will help you have beautiful skin on your wedding day! Serve vegetables such as carrots, beets, cucumbers, and Indian gooseberries that are believed to rejuvenate the skin, fresh as a salad or blended into a smoothie. Even more important than a healthy diet is a water, which moisturizes the skin and is also believed to reduce appetite, preventing overeating. It further eliminates toxins from your body and helps to remove acne, scars, and spots from your skin. 

Note: Avoid making any major diet adjustments if you want to lose weight. Extreme diets often backfire and you may end up gaining more weight. Remember not to starve yourself, you will still need all the nutrients for your body so it's necessary to eat healthy and cut on the junk.


Face Masks for the Bride-to-Be

Be it the peel-off masks, sheet masks, or clay masks, there is a face mask for everyone. Have fun looking silly in a sheet mask as you soak in the skin-boosting treatment. Remove your blackheads and skin cells as they stick to the peel-off masks (quite satisfying, if we might add). Give your skin some extra time to soak the ingredients of overnight masks as your skin rejuvenates while you sleep. Face masks are a great way to unwind after a long day of shopping, planning, and managing any unexpected crisis. Soothe your eyes (and your mood) with Rays Copper Eye Masks by Live Tinted. These masks not only reduce eye puffiness but also brightens out any fine lines on the skin under your eyes. The best part, these are vegan and 100% biodegradable! You can also try the Resurfacing Saffron AHA Masque by RANAVAT Botanics. An ode to the ancient practice of Ayurveda, it enhances your skin with its regenerative properties and gives you a glowing, smooth result.



PRO TIP: One of the brands we love for face masks is AMMU Beauty! “The transformations we have seen from using our masks and night oil have been incredible. It is a meticulously created mask for delicate, South Asian skin. We've included ingredients such as neem, tulsi, and manjishtha that pull dirt, grime, and congestion out but simultaneously, the ashwaghanda, licorice root and sandalwood deposit deep nourishment into the cellular level. This creates an incredible glow and diminishes skin textures and hyperpigmentation over time. We have watched men and women completely erase texture and stubborn hyperpigmentation from their skin leaving their skin like glass. This is so important for brides to be as they gear up for makeup trials, engagement photos, and all the pre-wedding festivities. All of our products were initially created for South Asian skin. Skin that is prone to uneven tans, hyperpigmentation and texture. All of our products tackle just that!” says Zareefa from AMMU Beauty.

AMMU Beauty Recommended Routine: The Trifecta Mask bundle (3x a week) + Glow to Sleep Oil as the last step to your nighttime skin routine.


Facials for the Bride-to-Be

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In order to bring out the best version of yourself on the day of your desi wedding, getting a facial (or really a regular routine facial) is highly recommended for your face to prep for lots of makeup. Although your dermatologist will examine and suggest a facial before your wedding, there are some options worth exploring. Oxygen facial is one such choice for you where your skin is oxygenated using products or machines and it brings out a brighter, clearer and softer version of your face. This type of facial is usually quite gentle on your face so you can even have one of these on the morning of your big day (try an oxygen facial session prior to the wedding to know what you can expect). DNA facial is another alternative which is a better and natural substitute to Botox, fillers, and other more harsh options available in the market. It's a one-of-a-kind treatment that includes microdermabrasion as well as a natural DNA peel, and a luxury combination of active serums and masks. Microcurrent, a low-level electric current that matches your body's normal current is performed and produces rapid toning, freshening, and anti-aging benefits, once the mask is lifted. The plus side is because there is no delay, the procedure may be completed only days before the wedding. LED Facial, as the name suggests, uses different wavelengths of LED light to reduce wrinkles, plump up your face, and eliminate any bacteria that may cause acne. It promotes natural cell growth and repairs the skin, a solution for any skin issues be it a dull skin or acne marks.

Pro Tip: We love AAVRANI for your daily cleaning needs! The AAVRANI Purifying Oil Cleanser is an ultra-gentle yet powerful formula that leaves your face clean and nourished, without any oily residue. Made with just 11 ingredients, this product serves as a 2-in-1 hybrid solution, acting as both a daily cleanser and a makeup remover, for all skin types (yes, even oily skin!). 

The magic of this new cleanser begins with sandalwood oil. Known as 'liquid gold' in India, sandalwood oil has been used in medicinal and beauty practices for the last 4,000 years. Legends claim that this calming and purifying oil was central to the ritual bathing of the Indian Gods. To maximize its power, we steam-distilled each batch of oil for 70 hours, then layered in camellia flowers & aloe to bring you the gentlest, most clarifying cleanser there ever was. 

“Sandalwood oil was also one of my grandmother’s favorite Ayurvedic ingredients because of the balance it’s said to bring to our mental and emotional well-being - she loved to remind me that real beauty commands much more depth than we often recognize”, says Rooshy.


Some Extra Tips for the Bride-to-Be



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Beautiful bridal hair needs a little care and attention. We all know that everyday cleaning, blow-drying, and heat-styling results in a messed-up head with hair thinning and "wispies" (those little broken pieces of hair that stick up from your scalp). Begin by healing yourself from within. Vitamin B is said to help bring out your hair's healthy glow, according to specialists (dull hair is actually a symptom of a Vitamin B deficiency). Foods such as fish, almonds, and eggs will help you get started. A stimulating scalp rub and deep conditioning treatments (approximately 4 weeks previous to the event) not only feel nice, but they also strengthen the hair follicles and provide volume. 

If you are considering coloring your hair, the typical rule of wedding color alters is to keep your hair within two shades of your original hue, be it darker or lighter. No matter which way you plan to go, make sure to plan months ahead. Go through Pinterest and pages of Instagram influencers to find the inspiration and the right color for you. Be confident with what you want on your wedding day and communicate clearly with your colorist. Don't forget to touch up your hair a week or ten days right before the wedding for that perfect shade.

Your hair might become dehydrated if it is over-shampooed. Water won't do those costly highlights or rich fake brunette any favors, no matter how good H2O is for you inside (it hydrates and debloats, so drink plenty). Too much shampoo causes hair to become flat and colorless. Shampooing your hair no more than three to four times a week is recommended (ideally if you can even get down to two to three shampooed a week, leading up to your wedding). In between shampooing, rinse your hair and use a moderate detangler. After you wash your hair, try to remove the tangles with your hands and let it air dry, before you brush your hair.

To nourish your hair with the healing and growth-encouraging properties of Ashwagandha, try HoliRoots Hair Oil by Fable and Mane, and incorporate it into your weekly ritual for luscious, thick locks on the day of your wedding.




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Healthy gums and teeth are the foundation of a wonderful smile. You may also choose this opportunity to discuss tooth lightening or Invisalign with your dentist. If a crooked grin is bothering you, the wedding might be a wonderful excuse to invest in Invisalign aligners and finally get your smile right. If you are a coffee addict (like us), you might have noticed your enamel getting yellowed more often. However, that is not a good look for a bride-to-be and since you will be investing in teeth whiteners/bleach, you don't want to waste all your efforts. As weird as it sounds, we suggest drinking your coffee with a straw to avoid any further yellowing. 

Don’t forget to follow up on all your teeth treatments with a final cleaning session to get that flawless smile!



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Keeping your fingernails moisturized is indeed the finest thing you could do for them. They get stiff as they dry up, resulting in chipping and fissures. Use oil on the cuticles daily before bedtime to maintain your nails flexible and strong. Make the effort to massage oil to every fingernail before going to bed each night to preserve gorgeous ring-selfie hands all year. Indulge yourself in an expert manicure once every few weeks in the run-up to your nuptials to keep your hands and nails in pristine condition. Getting a manicure on a regular basis is a great way to take care of your cuticles, nurture your nails, and boost your mood. With that said, too many gel manicures can dry up your nails quickly - try going polish free until closer to your wedding.


Wrapping Things Up 

While your wedding may be just around the corner or a year away, there’s no better time than now to think about your skin. People often forget that your face is one of the first things people will notice about you, so it's important to have a glowing, radiant look. If you need some help in finding the right skin care regimen tailored to your needs, don't hesitate to give yourself a few extra months before the wedding. Remember, it's all worth it in the end. And, really, skin care is important at all times in your life, not just your wedding, so hopefully, you can take these tips with you regardless of what stage you are in life!

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