How to Throw a Luxury Bridgerton-Inspired Indian Bridal Shower

By Sultana | 18 Apr 2022 | 13 min read

Elegant Indian Bridal Shower Ideas to Steal From Bridgerton

Are you planning the next soiree for the Bridgerton-obsessed bride-to-be? Or is it you who is occupied with the thought of a handsome duke, dazzling balls and gossip of the elite society? You guessed it right! We are talking about the hit series Bridgerton, and if you have been binge-watching the show since its first season hit our TV screens, you would know that having a Bridgerton-themed bridal shower (or even a wedding!) is gaining momentum as couples look to capture the elements of the show with their own weddings and ceremonies. As Indians, we fell in love with the show even more when Indian culture was at the forefront in the latest season with the introduction of the Sharma sisters and the new debutantes of the Regency Era England gave us some pretty amazing inspiration when it comes to bachelorettes, bridal showers and all things desi weddings.

If you are looking for ideas for a Bridgerton-themed bridal shower, you'll surely love this highly curated list of ideas that'll make sure your splash is nothing less than fabulous; from the color palette of the show and luxury touches of the Regency era to a Lady Whistledown-approved lehenga and royal wedding décor. Fair warning: spoilers ahead!


Bridgerton-esque Party Venues

Although the series is set in England, there are a number of stunning locations right here in Texas that you can choose to become the talk of the town. Be it the French grandeur of the Knotting Hill Place in Little Elm or the legendary prestige of the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek in the heart of Dallas, Texas is home to stunning venues where you are sure to have a royal, luxury Indian event of the season. Brighton Abbey with its graceful European-inspired estate venue is surrounded by enchanting woods and gardens that will give you an unforgettable experience of luxury and romance, worthy of the Bridgertons.


Royal Bridgerton-Inspired Color Palette

When it comes to the color scheme, there is a lot that goes behind the fashion of every character in Bridgerton. The Bridgerton family themselves present their importance in society with neutral shades of blue, green, and silver. On the other hand, the Featheringtons wear bold and bright colors as a way to stand out in society.

In Season 2, the protagonist, Kate Sharma is seen wearing rich, vibrant jewel tones that symbolize her strong will as well as Indian heritage. In fact, the Sharmas had a rose gold color scheme but what really touched us was how the jewelry pieces featured Indian gemstones and Indian motifs, which also found a way in their fabric along with the renowned Indian embroidery. The Regency period also saw a wide utilization of the Prussian blue pigments that were blended with lead-white to create a gentle yet striking pastel blue which is seen generously throughout the show. You can incorporate these colors for a Bridgerton-inspired bridal shower in the centerpieces, florals, decor or even in your outfits.

Here are a couple of mood boards to get your creativity rolling. You’re welcome!


Bridgerton-Themed Shower Invites

Invites are the first thing that your guests will see and once you have finalized all the details, you can send the invitations to all the attendees. Add beautiful antique stationery complete with calligraphy, gold foil, and plenty of flowers such as peonies or wisteria along with a wax-seal to take your guests back to the regal times. Embrace this art along with a handwritten note appreciating their presence at your event to make them feel valued and special. Check out White Mirage Luxury invites for their gorgeous stationery and Design By Pran for their elegant wax seals along with their customized stationery.


Source: White Mirage Luxury Invites, Design By Pran


Flowers from Bridgerton

The flowers in front of the Bridgerton mansion, notably the lovely cascading purple wisteria that was put on the house's front, have fans across the world swooning. For your own garden party, get yourself the American wisteria. You may need some assistance from your florist, but it will be well worth it. Picture a stunning arch of purple wisteria and pink roses as your guests enter your party or a backdrop of pastel blooms as you celebrate your upcoming nuptials.

 To make your wedding as eco-friendly as necessary, utilize wisteria primarily when it's in season, i.e., April to June, or use silk flowers, to avoid having it brought in from another country. This indicates that it will look and smell its finest!

 Another flower that caught our attention was the bouquet of tulips that Anthony brought while visiting Kate. She had recently awakened after her accident when Anthony proposed to her with tulips, appearing as an obligation in order to protect her honor. Although the proposal got rejected, the reason why these tulips stand out is that Violet Bridgerton mentions the flowers in the first season in regards to Daphne. "This is for Daphne", she tells Anthony. "Tulips, they symbolize passion. A most appropriate hem for your sister when she decides to marry the Duke. Perhaps your bride would like the same." Perhaps Anthony was taking his mother’s advice and it seems like a foreshadow of Kate becoming his bride because she does accept his proposal in the end. You can incorporate tulips as centerpieces for your bridal shower.


Bridgerton-Inspired Party Decor

Your bridal shower is incomplete without the appropriate decor. We are talking about romantic candlesticks, lanterns, sophisticated tablescapes and of course, flowers. Whip out your favorite china teapot and dishes fit for a queen to feel as regal as the Duchess of Hastings. You can also include lace placemats to add a touch of elegance. Serve sweets or beverages in antique teacups for the quintessential English habit of taking tea or use beautifully decorated china as charger plates.

Source: Pinterest

Place lights throughout your area for a charming historical effect. There are several options to use lanterns to add interest, depth, and structure to your décor, whether you use empty lamps on your table filled with flower vases or line your aisle with lanterns filled with pillar candles. Bridgerton saw soft lighting used extensively throughout the show, so ensuring to add this detail will add a lovely touch to your event. You can also fill lanterns with fairy lights, leaves, and flowers. If candles in glass lanterns aren't an option, try replicating the comforting glow with paper lanterns filled with bulbs, festoon lights, and possibly an outside fire pit.

Source: Pinterest


Dress Code for Bridal Shower Guests

The outfits of the actors in Bridgerton were the most remarkable aspect of the show. From high waist dazzling ball gowns, beautiful cap sleeve day dresses, lace gloves and sparkling tiaras, the wardrobe of the show was swoon worthy. For your own royal Indian bridal shower look, you can opt for these designer lehengas which are in the Lady Whistledown-blessed pastel hues. Sara Ali Khan is the Pataudi princess in this off-white and pink chikankari lehenga designed by none other than Manish Malhotra. Is it just us or the embroidered flowers and the pink shade is truly giving Edwina Sharma vibes? Become the "diamond of the first water" in this dual-pink shaded Manish Malhotra lehenga worn by Kriti Sanon. Or look as flawless as Daphne Bridgerton in this pastel blue lehenga worn by Kiara Advani, also by Manish Malhotra. Madame Delacroix would be proud, indeed!


Bridgerton-Themed Bridal Shower Favors

As a bride, you are sure to be showered with gifts, but what about your guests? A unique thank you gift will go a long way in making them feel special and truly appreciated. Indian brides have a reputation for throwing some of the most lavish and elegant soirées so why not include just as beautiful favors? It was truly an emotional moment for us when the Haldi ceremony of Edwina was taking place (brownie points to the show for the Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham soundtrack in the background). To gift this widely popular Indian spice to your guests, include a jar of Pragati Turmeric in your bridal shower favor from Diaspora Co. for inducing tears of nostalgia. On the other hand, tea is the one preferred beverage that both Indians and the English agree upon, and if you want to include a fruit and flavored tea as a favor or even as a part of your party, you can check out the incredible blends by Ahista Tea. You can also gift your beloved sisters or BFFs the HoliRoots Hair Oil by Fable and Mane, which contains hair-thickening and hair-nourishing ingredients, complimenting the South Asian hair type, and for those swooning over luscious, flowing locks of Kate Sharma. 



Royal Snacks and Treats

Transform your dessert table into that of a Bridgerton household with delicate bites such as tea sandwiches, miniature scones and cakes, donuts, cheesecake spreads, muffins, tarts, and more. 

To add an Indian tadka, you can also include traditional Indian delicacies such as gulab jamun, rasgullah, barfi, and laddoos.  For some sweet treats, you can include Madhu Chocolate, a connoisseur in Indian flavors-inspired chocolate, which comes in beautifully packaged bars. To complete your array of finger foods, add a touch of French delight: macarons. With an Indian twist to the French delicacy, you can serve Burfi Macarons, courtesy of Simply Mithai; made with sugar and lots of love! 


Games for Your Bridgerton-Inspired Wedding Shower

Pall-mall battle royale anyone? The sophomore season of Bridgerton featured a fun-filled scene where the Bridgerton siblings along with the Sharma sisters are playing pall-mall with each other. Not to dive too deeply into the details, but the scene pushed the leads, Anthony and Kate, together and further developed their love-hate relationship. You can include this game as one of the day’s activities but if playing the outdoor game isn't possible for you, we have a few more tricks up our sleeves. 

If other guests have also seen the show, you can organize a game of charades by dividing the party into two teams. Players can act out the scenes or characters to their fellow team members, who have to guess the answer within a given time. The team with the most correct guesses wins the game.

To make it more emotional, each of the guests can write down the best memory they have with the bride-to-be and put all the memories in a basket. She can read them aloud and the guests can guess whose memory it is.

Source: Pinterest

The Newlywed Game is where one partner answers questions about the couple's relationship and the other partner's responses are pre-recorded in a video. The video is then played to check if the answers were responded to correctly. It will definitely be a hit with the nosy BFFs and is sure to serve as an icebreaker. You can add a couple of small gifts/punishments, depending on the answers, to make it more fun.


Party Music for a Bridgerton Event

We can't get over the instrumental covers in both the seasons of Bridgerton. "Thank You, Next" by Ariana Grande in season one was such a hit that the show included even more incredible covers in the next season of the series. Be it the chaotic life of Anthony Bridgerton, the spectacular entry of the Sharmas, or the first dance of Anthony and Kate, “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn, Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times,” Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” and Madonna’s “Material Girl” all make their cameos and bring a delightful twist to the British high society of 1800s. For your own bridal shower, here's the complete Bridgerton playlist. You can also check out the Bollywood Songs Playlist for your Indian bridal shower here


Final Thoughts

Bridal showers should be a mix of fun and personality - whether that's quirky, elegant, colorful, or sophisticated. We've all seen the town taking their socializing seriously and lavishly throwing elegant events in honor of their family or friends. That is why we decided to take some time to compile a list of Indian Bridal Shower ideas from Bridgerton so you can have the wedding celebration of a lifetime. Hopefully, this unique list of ideas has given you some inspiration on how to plan the perfect Indian wedding shower. Your to-do list may be a little long, but with some careful planning and detailed preparation, your bridal shower is sure to be a hit with everyone. 

For more articles like this, check out The Desi Bride for some incredible inspiration for your next big event. 

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