The Ultimate Indian Groomsmen Gift Guide For Your Indian Wedding

By Sultana | 28 Mar 2022 | 16 min read

Gifts For Indian Groomsmen: Where To Find The Best South Asian Vendors

Let’s face it - men can be hard to shop for. You want to get your groomsmen something they will actually enjoy and use. The choice of groomsmen gifts is not arbitrary but full of symbolism, and the gift you choose tells your best man and groomsmen something about how you view them as friends and how much they mean to you (sorry to get mushy here, but you know what we mean!). We recently created an inspirational luxury gift guide for your bridesmaids. Today, we have curated a list of unique and high-quality South Asian brands that offer luxury gifts for groomsmen. 


Skincare Products for Men

The Veddas: For the Skin Addict

Jacinta Kanakaratnam discovered a gap in the market for men's beauty products, specifically men of color, and came up with the idea of The Veddas. The brand focuses on healthy and nourishing grooming products which pull inspiration from Ayurveda, a science-backed healing practice in India. After finding a lack of representation, Jacinta wanted to spark the talk of diversity and color for men. 


The Beard Oil from the Veddas is a nutritious oil that, regardless of the beard's length and density, works wonders for the facial hair as well as the delicate skin beneath the beard. With a subtle gloss and a soothing smell, the beard oil is made without any added chemicals, parabens, and sulfates. It makes for a great gift for your groomsmen who are sure to find it useful and convenient.


Spices & Condiments

Brooklyn Delhi: For the Food Nerd

Indian food finds a place in the heart of millions of people. But what's even more popular than the actual dishes? That's right! The achaar or pickles, without which an Indian thali isn't complete. To honor this age-old custom of India, Chitra Agarwal founded Brooklyn Delhi, Indian-inspired condiments and spices line which brings a burst of taste with every bite. Try them with tofu, a burger, or a sandwich and you are sure to make it a habit. What's better, all the Brooklyn Delhi products are made without any artificial flavors, preservatives, or chemicals of any kind. From Golden Coconut Curry simmer sauce, Vegan Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce to Curry Ketchup and Curry Mustard, you can shop from a wide range of sauces and achaar to gift your groomsmen who are sure to stay hooked to the vibrant flavors. Pair any of the sauces with the founder's fresh vegetarian recipe cookbook, and you have with you an incredible and thoughtful gift for your male chef friends.


Peepal People: For the Wanna-Be Chef

Versatile sauces. Fresh flavors. Mind-Blowing Taste. That's what people are saying about the hot sauces at Peepal People. With the traditional technique of fermentation and spices of the desi culture, Peepal People is a South Asian brand specializing in hot sauces inspired by Pakistani flavors. Alyzeh and Ahmer, the founder duo at Peepal People came up with the idea on their journey to spice up their everyday meals by mixing local spices with homemade achaar and soon, decided to make their own sauces and represent the Pakistani flavors on an international level. 





A blend of haldi (turmeric), habanero peppers, and bell peppers, the Peela Patakha or 'Yellow Firecracker' is a hot sauce that brings the right intense heat to any dish, be it a bag of chips or a bowl of pulses. There’s also the Hara Bhara or ‘Green Lush’ made with jalapenos and dry mango powder and Bhoot Bangla or ‘Haunted House’, a generous combination of kashmiri lal mirch, and ghost peppers (that’s where the sauce gets its name!). Treat your groomsmen to the Peepal People experience by gifting them these hot sauces and they are sure to get addicted to the spicy flavors.


The Spicewalla: For the Cuisine Connoisseur Pal

Spicewalla, with a mission to revolutionize America with spices, is a brand that excels in spice sourcing and quality. Fresh, small-batch ingredients that are packaged and processed by hand, Spicewalla was founded by a 5x James Beard-nominated chef, Meherwan Irani. 250 spices and distinctive combinations since his debut, Irani works hard to educate his clients on how to utilize spices to create a unique touch on flavors they're already acquainted with. 




One of the bestseller collections from Spicewalla, you can help your groomsmen rediscover cooking with the 10 Pack Kitchen Essentials Collection. The collection is sure to jazz up their culinary senses in no time as it welcomes them with culinary favorites like Granulated Garlic and Crushed Red Pepper!


Beverages For Your Groomsmen

One Stripe Chai Co.: For the Chai Lover

Based in Portland, Oregon, One Stripe Chai Co. is a beverage company that finds its inspiration in flavors from the traditions of India. The creator of the brand, Farah Jesani, is a chai aficionado and wanted other chai lovers around her to have the real taste of the Indian beverage and so, One Stripe Chai Co. was born. While providing authentic traditional chai, the company also assists Indian farmers along the way.


Chai After Five, one of the brand’s bestsellers, is a caffeine-free blend that relaxes and pleases you. The blend is made with Assam Hōjicha green tea, green cardamom, ginger and black peppercorn, the true spices of India produced organically. While not fully caffeine-free, Chai After Five will offer a beverage that doesn’t keep you awake.


Alaya Tea: For Your Health-Conscious Bestie

Are you someone who is always on the lookout for eco-friendly products? Look no further than Alaya Tea, a women-owned loose leaf tea brand which obtains their beverage from India organically. The founders, Esha Chhabra and Smita Satiani, grew up while sipping the infamous chai in the Himalayan mountains of India and tea plantations of the country. This is where they found the inspiration behind Alaya Tea, which not only respects and honors the small farmers working on these plantations, but also brings to light environmental issues and enhances the tradition of chai-drinking in the States. Free from the harmful preservatives and chemicals, all the products are simple, made from pure ingredients and come in compost packaging.


Kolkata Chai: For the Caffeine-Addict

Kolkata Chai Co., located in Manhattan's dynamic East Village, combines New York City's vitality with the personality and values of Kolkata. Launched by Ayan Sanyal, the cafe serves chai with fresh ginger, cardamom, and spices, and recreates street cuisine favorites such as Thai bhel puri made with puffed rice, mango avocado toast, and others.



To have the experience of Kolkata Chai with renowned Assam tea leaves, Indian spices including cinnamon, black pepper and cloves, you can buy this DIY Masala Chai Kit from the cafe’s website. The kit makes around 20 cups of delectable and nostalgic masala chai to give you a refreshing start in the morning with the unmistakable perfume of cinnamon and cardamom all around you. 


Treats For Your Groomsmen

Madhu Chocolate: For the Chocoholic Best Man

Madhu Chocolate's unique treats convert the bright tastes of Indian food into incredible handmade chocolates. Made with the vibrant Indian spices, dry fruits, flowers, and fruits, the brand is also dedicated to ecological practices and supporting the farmers of Colombia from whom they source their cocoa. They began experimenting with chocolate and favorite tastes from traditional Indian food, and flavors including "Saffron Mix, Rose Pistachio Dark and Coconut Milk” were born. Madhu Chocolate is on its way to becoming a household name and with the beautiful packaging, it is truly a labor of love. 








Malai: For Your Ice-Cream Loving Man Friend

Malai is an ice cream brand, named after the Indian homemade creamy treat, and is inspired by South Asian foods, robust flavors, and its creator's heritage. Their ice creams are spice-forward tastes and velvety texture through zero-air churning. With the intense flavors of ice cream that are eggless and handmade, Malai delivers a sense of India with every mouthful and every cone. They are captivated by India's traditions, history, and legacy, and it shows in their flavors such as Kheer ice cream, an unexpected yet incredible twist to the old classic with a blend of nutmeg, orange-scented rice pudding, and their signature eggless cream.


Simply Mithai: For Your Sweet-Toothed BFF

Made with sugar, spice, and lots of love, the magnificent creations at Simply Mithai speak for themselves. The brand specializes in exquisitely polished fusion sweets for everyone and as a family of chocolatiers, Simply Mithai combines the lovely tradition of Indian Mithai delicacies with the craft of chocolate making and American twists. Their Burfi Macarons are an Indian tadka to the French delight,  fulfilling the craving for mithai with a nod to the Western palate of the brand. With a personalized note and luxurious packaging, you can buy these Burfi Macarons as a tasty gift for your groomsmen.



The Paanwala: For the Paan Lover

Paan has been spicing up desi events for a long time. It is something that offers every party the oomph factor, packed with passion and boosted by the most aromatic spices. What better way to appreciate your groomsmen than to gift them great refreshments with lingering flavor! 

Check out Paan Truffles by The Paanwala! That’s right! The Indian delicacy comes with a new twist and the bite-sized version is simple to fall in love with for a Paan newbie or Connoisseur. This multi-layered delicacy is a deconstructed version of a Meetha Paan and a beautifully balanced crowd favorite, with a creamy shell of paan chiffonade combined with coconut flakes on the surface and a rich Gulkand (Rose Petal Preserve) filling mixed with spices in the center. Are there any paan fans in the house? You just cannot go wrong with this!


Milk and Cardamom: For the Gulab Jamun Admirer

A cookbook author and baker, Hetal Vasavada, integrates each recipe with the nuances of her background, taking cues from her Indian-American roots and MasterChef expertise. She emphasizes the sweetness and joy of Indian sweets. Mango Lassi French Macarons and Ginger–Chai Chocolate Pot de Crème are among her outstanding achievements. 




Gulab jamun, an iconic Indian dessert, is traditionally made by frying and immersing little berry-sized dough balls in sugar syrup. An ode to this popular delicacy and a spin on the bundt cake, Hetal Vasavada transformed it into a simple cardamom-spiced Bundt cake drenched in traditional saffron sugar syrup. It is sure to become a superhit among your sweet-toothed friends, who are sure to savor the taste and come back for more!


Fashion Accessories For Men

Coral Haze: For Your Shopaholic Groomsmen

Coral Haze brings to the forefront a diversity of local styles and colors that cater to a wide range of interests. Their specialty is eccentric, one-of-a-kind creations with high precision craftsmanship. The juttis are available in a wide range of digital designs, handmade patterns, hand embroidered, decorations and embellishments; you name it, they have it.

This sumptuous pair of loafers from Coral Haze is an absolute must-have in any man's wardrobe. They have become a symbol of real quality and affordability for handmade shoes. Made from luxuriously soft velvet in a self-checkered pattern, these shoes are finished with matching grosgrain trim and a vegan leather tassel at the vamp and offer a perfect outfit for the groomsmen, from casual daywear to extravagant wedding events to understated workplace wear. 


Saffron Lane: For Your Dapper-Looking Best Friends

Saffron Lane believes in making the current minimalist and contemporary ethnic style trends in Indian menswear accessible to those outside of the country. They celebrate the Indo-Western aesthetic by creating luxury formal and semi-formal South Asian menswear. By combining the vibrancy of cultural attire and bringing in tailored fits and incredible designs, Saffron Lane has the traditional look and the comfortable feel to make your groomsmen become the trendsetters. Find your inner fashionista with this contemporary twist to the kurta, Saffron Spring. Made of Saffron silk with gorgeous Mughal floral prints, this short kurta is a real head-turner and fit for a king.


Home Decor

Scrumptious Wicks: For Your Decor Loving Buddy

Scrumptious Wicks is a luxury scent brand influenced by all things South Asian. Owned by Sonya Malani Panchal, all the scents at Scrumptious Wicks are hand-poured in small batches and the clean, refreshing candles remind of an Indian household - Ginger and Saffron, Cinnamon Chai and Cardamom & Pepper. 

One of the bestsellers of Scrumptious Wicks, the Indian Monsoon jar has a smoky, earthy aroma with a hint of dewy fragrance, reminiscent of the first rain on a dry summer day. The scent has a burning duration of around 60 hours and the minimalist design of the candles also makes it a perfect home decor accessory! 


Games For Groomsmen

Desi Chaat: For The Party Host

With a love for the Desi culture and trivia, Priya Shah is the founder of Desi Chaat, a board game that is inspired by Taboo! and is the perfect addition to South Asian game nights. Healthy competition to bring everyone together, the Desi Chaat is for all age groups with the popular South Asian words (Dhaba, Kabaddi, Shaitan), famous Indian personalities (who doesn't know Sachin Tendulkar, right?), common phrases, different foods, and of course, all things Bollywood. The game comes with a bunch of cards, a timer, a notepad, a guide on the rules, and a cowbell. This is the South Asian game for all the ABCDs to get to know the culture, make get-togethers a ton of fun, and create memories with friends and family. 


Drinkswalla: For The Adult Who Loves to Party

Developed by social and influencer marketer, Malini Lakhaney, and two serial entrepreneurs, Vinay Vaswani and Ashish Thani, Drinkswalla is the ultimate adult party game for Desis. Built for those who can relate to the lens of someone with a South Asian identity growing up in today’s world, we’ve put a humorous twist on our cultural experiences and turned them into cards that are guaranteed to bring friends and family together. With 100 cards, spread across 8 categories, your next party will be off to a great start!




The End

Groomsmen gifts are not just about your best friends. They represent a very special occasion and a very important relationship. As such, the perfect groomsmen gift should be able to reflect your personality and preference, while also showing respect for the significance of this unique relationship. So if you are looking for authentic Desi brands that offer great high-quality products, then check out the brands above!


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