Luxury Gifts For Your Indian Wedding Bridesmaids: The Ultimate Inspirational Guide

By Sultana | 22 Feb 2022 | 16 min read

The Most Recommended Luxury Brands for your Indian Bridesmaid Boxes


Aside from the sleepless weeks of wedding planning, hosting large South Asian families, and keeping your sanity, one of the most difficult aspects of Desi weddings is deciding on the ideal present for your bridesmaids. 

Gifts should be unique and meaningful, but also enjoyable and functional. You don't want them to be simply another item to check off your to-do list, and you don’t want your girlfriends to throw your gift into the back of their closets. There are a plethora of high-quality South Asian-owned brands with unique items, so why not support these small businesses and gift your girlfriends a memorable token to be there by your side on your wedding date. When it comes to luxury South Asian gifts, there are many Brown brands we’ve come across. We curated a list of the top South Asian giftable brands for you and your girls to enjoy!


Stationery Items for Your Bridesmaids

Dr. Sneha: For Your Wanna-Be Picasso Friend

Asking your friend to be your bridesmaid is incomplete without a personalized note. You can rely on these customized cards to be creative as well as beautiful. Simple to print and add in the bridesmaid box, you can contact Dr. Sneha for any skin color customization and write a message of how pleased you are to have them (hopefully) join you on your wedding day. You contact Dr. Sneha through her Desi Bride profile.


Laksh Sarkar: For Your Artsy Bridesmaid

Lakshmi Sarkar is an artist and illustrator who has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. With an emphasis on fashion, beauty as well as weddings, Lakshmi also creates live art that is bold, colorful, and vibrant. If your BFF happens to be an art enthusiast, you can reach out to her through her Desi Bride profile page or check out Lakshmi’s website for gorgeous handpainted, personalized coffee mugs, making a sweet keepsake for your maid of honor!


Paper Samosa: For Your Boss Woman BFF

Paper Samosa’s works live up to the word, ‘Modern Desi’. Bold, beautiful, and the right amount of sarcasm, which is why it deserves a place in the bridesmaid box! From stationery and mugs to t-shirts and phone covers, Paper Samosa has a great collection which also feature feminist art.

How cool does this mug look? Tough and glossy, this mug makes for a perfect gift for your coffee-loving feminist BFF. Check out other products of Paper Samosa or buy this mug from their website.




Skincare Products

Aavrani: For the Beauty Obsessed Bridesmaid

Aavrani is a holistic, luxury skincare and beauty brand that embraces the traditions and secrets of Indian beauty. The brand designs products inspired by these secrets, with organic ingredients and zero toxins. The Aavrani ritual is a thorough skin care regimen consisting of four strong phases that work in tandem to give you the most beautiful glow.

The Glow Activating Exfoliator, Balance Restoring Serum, and Eye Rejuvenating Elixir trio work together to give the perfect bridal glow, which makes them the ideal gift for your bridesmaids and even for a fun bachelorette facial night.


Live Tinted: For the Superwoman Bridesmaid

Live Tinted is an inclusive beauty business founded by influencer-turned-beauty CEO Deepica Mutyala. Live Tinted primarily caters to South Asian women, and what better way to gift your best friends than products that are clean, vegan, and cruelty-free plus promote culture, inclusivity, and diversity.

Boosted with Copper Peptides, Banana Extract, and Bakuchiol, these eye masks are designed to minimize under-eye puffiness. The masks brighten your skin, remove fine wrinkles as well as nourish the under-eye area. Shop this biodegradable product here and check out the brand’s other fun, good-for-any-skin-and-color products on their online store






Ranavat: For the Skincare Addict Bridesmaid

Ranavat is a luxury skincare brand that takes inspiration from Indian royalty’s skincare rituals. Focusing on bringing a contemporary spin to old-age and powerful practices, Ranavat reveals the beauty techniques from the glorious Indian history and utilizes the ancient treatment of Ayurveda. With the combination of modern formulas and using ingredients that are organic and clean, Ranavat produces high-performance botanical skin and hair treatments that are luxurious and effective.

Their brightening saffron serum is packed with a robust combination of vitamin-rich superfoods. It includes saffron, which encourages cell repair, brightens skin and soothes any irritation, licorice roots which promote even skin complexion, and Manjistha, which has healing properties. This serum can be used at any time of the day and leaves your skin glowing and Shaadi-ready! Gift this serum to your bridesmaids and strengthen your bond with a spa day at home.

You can buy the serum here and browse through the Ranavat collection here.




Sahajan Skincare: For the Makeup Addict Bridesmaid

Sahajan uses Ayurvedic philosophy to create evidence-based skincare products. A collection that mixes a healthy, conscious lifestyle with the 5,000-year-old Ayurvedic tradition in which she was born. For their ingredients, they exclusively employ the cleanest botanical extracts and extracts, as well as identifiable, non-GMO sources. Sahajan products have been designed to fulfill European requirements for natural certification.


The Essential Cleansing Oil is a must-have makeup melter that keeps your skin hydrated. This oil cleanser dissolves away each day's hardest impermeable makeup, grime, oil, and impurities and leaves your skin smooth, fresh and clean. All skin types, such as dehydrated, mature, delicate, blemish-prone, mixed, and regular, can benefit from this product. Treat your BFFs with this cleanser that will relax them after a day of bridesmaid duties!


Forest Essentials: For the Skin Obsessed Bridesmaid

Mira Kulkarni came up with Forest Essentials in 2000 after several years of painstaking research. While growing up, she collected notes around natural and effective skincare, and many years later, after working with skilled Ayurvedic physicians, she founded a line of natural skincare and hair care products. Ideal for purity, freshness, and naturalness, Forest Essentials believes in the beauty of nature and the beauty derived from it. Plant extracts, vegetable oils, and organic essential oils, which are rich in their medicinal and regenerating capabilities, are used extensively throughout their products.

The ideal pampering gift to express your feelings and bring a smile on your best friend's face. This wedding season, lavish your pal with mother nature’s warmth and compassion by using Forest Essentials exquisite skincare products that are clean and 100 percent ayurvedic.



Fable & Main: For the Hair Obessesd Bridesmaid

A modern hair health company featuring vegan, clean, and cruelty-free solutions inspired by traditional Indian beauty techniques, Fable & Mane is the brainchild of siblings Nikita and Akash Mehta. The founders have transformed the age-old custom of Indian hair oil massage into a new premium wellness business.  As the Mehta siblings try to bring their cherished Indian hair customs into the mainstream, they remain committed to another cause important to their hearts: tiger conservation. The duo is dedicated to aiding wild tiger conservation and rebuilding the endangered species' habitats through the establishment of their Fable Fund. So, if you are looking for a gift that is natural and great for your hair, and is environment-conscious, try the HoliRoots Hair Oil by Fable and Mane, which contains hair-thickening Ashwagandha and Dashmool, a magical concoction of 10 roots promoting hair growth.



Fashion & Accessories for your Bridesmaids

PajamaSutra: For the Bridesmaid who Lives in Loungewear

PajamaSutra specializes in 100% cotton robes and loungewear which are the bolder version of the comfortable Indian sleepwear our mothers have been wearing, allowing you to buy matching pieces for your bridal party (think 'get ready' photos on the day of your Desi wedding).

Or perhaps you'd rather give your bridesmaids a collection of high-quality items rather than just a robe? Pajama Sutra also sells design your own Bridesmaid gift boxes, so you're in luck. In fact, by ordering gift boxes for more than six bridesmaids, PajamaSutra also gifts you a complimentary bridal box. These boxes handle all of the work for you when it comes to attractive wrapping and putting together gorgeous South Asian presents. 


Zariin: For Your Chic Friend

Zariin is a jewelry brand that makes handcrafted and expressive daily jewelry in subtle, nuanced ways that spell ‘Modern Indian woman’. The brand bridges the East and the West by combining Indian traditions and artisanal workmanship with the aesthetics of the contemporary West.

A delicate ring that may be stacked or worn alone, this stacking ring embodies the typical Zariin design with a basic hand-carved pattern made of rough Green Chalcedony and Black Onyx and polished in their signature 22kt gold. You can buy this ring here and check out their collection here.


NEEDLEDUST: For the Feminine Bridesmaid

NEEDLEDUST has a great selection of unique handcrafted juttis, the artwork of incredible craftsmen from India. These juttis blend luxury and practicality to create unique designs, which are ideal gifts for your loved ones. A sight to behold, one of the brand’s bestsellers comes in intricate zari patterns on a deep maroon, velvet base. Your bridesmaids are sure to love the look of the juttis and the beautiful packaging it comes with, along with the note on tips to care for the shoes and extra embellishments, should the juttis require them.


Coral Haze: For the Belle of the Ball

Coral Haze, a Rida International brand, provides an amazing assortment of unique handcrafted Punjabi juttis that blend Indian culture with contemporary sensibility. From casual day wear and extravagant wedding dress to understated workplace wear, the brand brings to the forefront a wide range of indigenous styles and colors, responding to a wide range of tastes.

With pastel glass beads delicately stitched to make small flowers and a delicate net on a nude base, Sophia has a whimsical character that is appropriate for all Desi events, from Diwali to Indian weddings. It is the perfect pair for your bridesmaids to wear on your wedding day with their lehenga or saree. Check out their collection on their website or buy this pair of juttis here. You can also contact the brand for any customizations including different prints, patterns, embroideries, and fabric.


Anisha Parmar London: For the Sophisticated Urbanite

Anisha Parmar is known for her ethnic, urban, luxury fashion business 'Anisha Parmar London,' a magnet for diversity and cultural crossovers with British culture. Her collection was the wonderful product of her own traditional wedding preparations. Taking inspiration from the rich diversity of South Asian culture as seen through the Diaspora perspective, the creations attempt to merge traditional elements with ground-breaking modern design to produce eye-catching statement gems and accessories. 

A one-of-a-kind set created in their UK studio, this lovely necklace and stud earrings set is a symbol of your love for your best friend. Made from mirrored acrylic, it comes with a quality rhodium, gold or rose-plated curb chain and deserves a spot in the bridesmaid’s box.


Snacks and Treats for your Bridesmaids

Madhu Chocolate: For Your Foodie BFF

One gift that we cannot stress enough about is chocolate and the brand that we are excited about is Madhu Chocolate from Austin, Texas. Madhu Chocolate not only produces chocolate, but what really makes it one-of-a-kind is the Indian-inspired flavors which are a treat for us South Asians with a dozen different chocolate bar tastes, such as Masala Chai, Rose Pistachio, and Lemon Coriander. Not only do they develop unusual tastes that are sure to please your bridal party's taste buds, but they also feature lovely packaging inspired by Indian textiles, making them almost too pretty to eat.


Ahista Tea: For the Chai Lover

The Ahmedabad-based company, founded by Ashmit Patel, sells their small-batch teas all over the world. Each batch is made-to-order and aims to capture the richness of Indian culture. It is centered on the history of the exquisite Indian tea-drinking custom from the era of the nawabs and combines it with modern alternatives. Their beverages are acquired solely from small tea farmers around the country and are natural wherever feasible. Aside from taste and creativity, they also respond to dietary considerations — with the exception of the Mango Lassi flavor, which contains yogurt bits, all of their teas are vegan.

You don’t need an occasion to give tea to your friends but since your desi wedding calls for it, give the gift of drinking authentic, Indian chai to your bridal party from the comfort of their homes. Introduce them to fruit or flavored tea by Ahista Tea, which they may take even during your wedding festivities to stay invigorated and refreshed.


Home Décor for your Bridesmaids

Scrumptious Wicks: For the Wanna-Be Interior Decorator

Isn't there something extra wonderful about a handcrafted gift? Scrumptious Wicks candles are hand-poured in small batches and burn cleaner as well as longer than standard candles. Produced with soy wax, they combine South Asian heritage with international comfort to produce unique and luxurious fragrances. These scents are influenced by Indian culture and history and will be shockingly familiar and soothing to you.

You can include one of the brand’s bestseller bundles, the Indian Monsoon, the Lavender and Sandalwood, and the Nag Champa in your bridesmaids gift box. These scents are reminiscent of the first rain, calming blend of lavender and sandalwood, and a somewhat rustic aroma without the ash and soot, respectively. You can buy this bundle here and check out more of their scents on their website.


Arjuna: For your Sophisticated Food Nerd

Arjuna, a décor and lifestyle business, offers traditional centerpieces and accents that are a tribute to the South Asian aesthetic. Arjuna, a timeless and beautiful collection, combines saffron colors with shiny finishes to unveil the modern home.


The Lotus Masala Dabba 2.0, one of Arjuna Design Studio's best-sellers, is an excellent addition to any kitchen. The brass Dabba is a nostalgic icon of South Asian rasoi, with an elegant lid stamped with the lotus on its cover. These containers' form and function are elegant and everlasting. Enjoy giving this gleaming Brass classic aesthetic Masala Box as a gift. 


A Farewell Note

Your wedding is an opportunity to thank those closest to you for being an important part of your life and shaping who you are today. A bride wants her friends to stand out from all other members of the wedding party and honor them, and a great bridesmaids present can do just that! If you want to create a thoughtful, luxury bridesmaid box for your wedding, look no further than the vendors and South Asian-owned brands on our list. We have done the research for you and compiled a list of all of the best luxury vendors in the industry so that you can make an informed decision about which vendor will work best for your needs.


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