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The Springs Lake


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About The Springs Lake Conroe - Top Indian Wedding Venue in Texas

The Springs in Lake Conroe offers two completely separate reception halls. While both halls are similar, Stonebrook is the more luxurious out of the two. With ceiling draping and Chiavari chairs, this spacious reception room can host up to 320 guests. As the name resembles, Pine Hall’s interior is surrounded by warm wood and has beautifully crafted barn doors for the ultimate cozy rustic experience. Both halls offer separate comfortable dressing suites for you and your party to get ready during the day.

The entire space is yours from 9 am to midnight, which gives you and your vendors plenty of time to set up and get ready for the big celebration. The outdoor grounds are magical, but you will just have to see it for yourself, as the images don’t do it justice. Contact our venue team today to schedule your in-person venue visit!

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Meet the Wedding Vendor

What are your wedding packages?

Starting price for our packages is from  $1,950 to $7,950.

**Please note that this information may not be up-to-date. Message the venue for accurate pricing.


Do you allow ceremonial fires (open flame for Hindu weddings)?

Yes, we do allow open flame. But we allow it outdoors only and it has to be contained in some kind of vessel.


What is the capacity by hall/venue?

Up to 320 each hall.


Is there an Indian or South Asian in-house chef? 

No, we don't have available Indian or South Asian in-house chefs.


Do you allow for outside catering?

Yes, we do allow outside catering. 


What all is included in the venue rental (e.g., tables, chairs, linen etc)?

Tables, chairs, floor plan setup and break down, event attendant, and venue clean up.


What is your date change/cancellation policy?

  • Canceling of Event: If the Event is canceled, written notice of cancellation shall be delivered to The Springs in order to process cancellation and end automatic payment processing. Once a written cancellation notice is delivered to The Springs, this contract cannot be regenerated. If the client desires to re-schedule the Event, a new contract must be entered and signed by the Client and The Springs. If the Event is canceled less than eight months from the Event Date, the Client is obligated to pay the total remaining Contract balance based on the contracted payment schedule. 
  • Rescheduling of Event Date: Written notice of postponement must be received in order to end automatic payments and process postponement. If the Client desires to postpone the Event within eight months from the Event Date, payments previously made toward the original Event will not apply toward the new Event. This Contract shall thereafter be null and void and a new one will be entered. A new date must be selected no later than 30 days after written notice of postponement is received. Only one rescheduling/transfer is permitted for the Client. If Client desires to postpone Event eight months or more before Event Date, and the new date selected is no more than 12 months after the date the postponement notice is received, then all payments previously made shall apply to new Event Contract. When rescheduling occurs, the Client shall pay the higher of the two prices. If all “Rescheduling of event Date” clauses are met, then the Client can reschedule one time. o Client who has rescheduled and subsequently cancels the Event is required to pay the remaining balance of the contract.


What is the cost of parking for wedding guests?

Parking is free.


How early can vendors arrive to set up at the venue? Often Indian wedding decor vendors need 6-8 hours to set up. Is there any extra fee for vendors coming early?

Our rental includes a total of 15 hours, from 9am to midnight. One extra hour can be purchased for an additional fee.


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The Springs Lake Conroe

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