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About Hilton Rockwall Lakefront - Top Indian Wedding Venue in Texas

The Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront (Bella Harbor) opened in 2008 and is a resort-style lakfefront property that offers outstanding Service, Space & Activities that will create the perfect fit for your event or leisurely stay!

Meet the Wedding Vendor

What are your wedding packages? 

Our starting price for room rental is $2,000 per day. We have a Food & Beverage minimum of $15,000 or more, depending on the date.

**Please note that this information may not be accurate. Message the venue for accurate pricing.


Do you allow for outside catering (e.g., Indian food)?

Yes, we do allow outside catering. Our outside catering fee is $45 per person and $12 per person for appetizers.

Do you allow for ceremonial fires?

No, we do not allow ceremonial fires. 


When was the venue last renovated? 

We are constantly doing renovations and are currently doing the rooms/suites right now. The ballroom was last renovated in 2017


What all is included in the venue rental? 

Tables, chairs, floor-length linens, overlays, setup/breakdown, dance floor, and stage.


Are there any decor / design restrictions? 

No fog machine, confetti, petals, glitter, or anything that will require a clean-up fee.


What is your date change/cancellation policy? 

This is stated in our contract and is dependent on when they cancel. The fee is a percentage of the contracted amount and starts at 35% and goes up to 100%.


What is the cost of parking for wedding guests? 

Self-parking is free. Valet is $15/car.


How early can vendors arrive to set up at the venue?

We do allow vendors to arrive as early as 8 hours prior, if the space is available. We work closely with them on this.


Will venue staff help with cleanup, and is there an added fee for this? 

We ask that the client removes all decorations and items they provided at the end of the night. We will do the remaining clean-up. There is only a fee if they had décor items that were not allowed.


Do the venues come with a bridal suite or changing room? 

Yes, it comes with a bridal suite of changing rooms.


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Hilton Dallas/ Rockwall Lakefront

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