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Meet the Wedding Vendor

What inspired you to become an Indian wedding videographer? How long have you been working as a professional wedding videographer?

This year is my 4th year as a wedding videographer. The vibrancy of the culture, the colors, the emotions, and all the excitement is what sparked my passion for Indian weddings. The relationships I’m able to create with the friends and families of the couple over the course of multiple days and events is the cherry on top!


How would you describe your video style (cinematic, documentary, vintage, etc.)?

We have a candid-cinematic approach to all of our films. We emphasize the real-life moments that allow our couples to relive their big day when they look back at it years later. Our motto is “when it’s all said and done, relive it”, so portraying our couples and their wedding authentically is extremely crucial to our style.


How do you describe your working style? Do you prefer to capture candid moments by blending in the crowd, or do you like to be more visible and take charge and choreograph the moments?.

We prefer to keep our films candid and capture the events as they unfold, but in some instances, it’s important for us to get involved and create the shots we need depending on what’s important to our couples (venue, outfits, decor, etc).


How many hours of filming are included in your standard package for Indian weddings?

Most of our full-weekend weddings range from 18-22 hours of coverage. For full-weekend weddings, we provide a buffer of an hour to account for any slight delays since our weddings consist of so many moving parts.


Any tips for the camera-shy couple?

If you’re camera-shy, it’s important to communicate that with your videographer so they can have a candid approach to your portrait session instead of making you do poses you’re not comfortable doing. It always helps to find a video from your videographer’s portfolio that you feel best represents you both and how you can envision seeing yourself.


What would you say are the best tricks to get candid shots of the couple, friends and family members, other relatives, etc.?

I always carry a portable speaker with me that I like to bring out if I need the couple to get more relaxed. I also have a few dad jokes up my sleeve that always help crack a few laughs.


How do you collaborate / coordinate with the photographer?

Communication is key when working with photographers. We’re both trying to capture the same shots all weekend, so knowing where they’ll be standing to capture specific moments is important. Some moments are naturally more important for the photographer (such as family portraits and jewelry details) so it’s important to step back and let them take the lead.


Do you offer photography services?

We do not offer photography services.


What does your camera and lighting/sound equipment look like? Do you offer drone videography?

We do offer drone coverage. Lighting for Indian weddings is always important due to the large size of the ballrooms, so we have portable lights that we use. DJs allow us to use their soundboards for clean audio for speeches and emcees.


How do you select music for the highlight reel or same-day edits?

Once we capture the wedding, we have a much better idea for the feel of the music. Sometimes the songs that couples request don’t work well with the vibe of their wedding and the footage, so we always ask for a few recommendations for each type of song we need so that it’s still music they like but we can make the final call on what works best. About half of our couples don’t know what to pick, so at that point, we choose the music ourselves.


Do you have a backup plan in place if things do not go as scheduled?

We do a thorough timeline review with the couple a month before the wedding to make sure everything makes sense and all potential delays/issues have been accounted for. The biggest mistake I see people make is not having any buffer throughout the events, so any little delay pushes everything back.


Any final tips for the couples planning Indian weddings?

You spend more time with your videographer than you do with your partner on your wedding day, so they become a huge part of your experience and how you remember the day. Find vendors that you get along with and are excited to have around you. 

Stress as much as you need to before the wedding, but once the events start, enjoy them and be in the present! The weekend goes by SO fast! This is probably the only time everyone you care for will be under one roof celebrating YOU! Hiring a planner or a coordinator if you don’t have the proper help is always worth it!


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  July 15 , 2022

Talented, Kind, and just Amazing

Raag and Isha were the best! As someone who is very shy in front of a camera, they were so easy going and thoughtful throughout our entire wedding weekend. Their video quality is beyond amazing. Their videos are personalized to the bride and groom rather than all being look a likes which I really appreciated. I would recommend them to anyone and despite me getting married in Mexico, I knew I wanted to fly them out because I have found no one as talented and friendly as them to work with!

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