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About Mir Anwar Studios - Top Indian Wedding Photo and Video in Texas

Mir Anwar Studios is a wedding photography and cinematography company based in Houston, TX. They have been featured worldwide and are known for their elegance in capturing their customers’ most important moments. They have a team of creatives who use their experiences and passion to shoot, and edit film for your wedding day.

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Luxury Indian Wedding_Mir Anwar Studios_real wedding videos

Luxury Indian Wedding_Mir Anwar Studios_real wedding videos

Luxury Indian Wedding_Mir Anwar Studios_real wedding videos

Luxury Indian Wedding_Mir Anwar Studios_real wedding videos

Luxury Indian Wedding_Mir Anwar Studios_real wedding videos


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Mir Anwar Studios

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  December 15 , 2022


Mir is an interesting person…jk! I enjoyed working with him and his team. Mir was physically at our wedding weekend shooting for us, however, during our pre-wedding shoot we had a photographer named Si and he was amazing. Both Si and Mir made both my husband feel comfortable knowing we are awkward people lol. Mir definitely delivers on his work. What I most enjoyed was being able to show him inspo pictures and him taking those into consideration when shooting for us!

  October 26 , 2022

14 months post event and no videos

Our wedding took place in August 2021 and we have yet to revived our video footage. For such a heavy price tag you would think we have a better experience. We follow up with him multiple times and are constantly ignored. Completely unprofessional.

  August 3 , 2022

Great work, but takes too long

Mir's work is great, but we were pretty disappointed with the way of work. He's hard to communicate with, and he's SUPER delayed with his work. He's past our contract deadline, and this seems to be a pattern. So if you're expecting your video + photo 2 months post wedding, that will not be the case. He usually goes for 10-18 weeks and does not follow that. We've talked about revised timelines and he continues to not deliver on it. It's been a very frustrating experience. On top of that, he has a heavy price tag, so be prepared to pay, and I'd. ensure his style is what you're going for because he has a very editorial style. We also were not pleased with his final editing as there were a few hiccups, so the quality assurance wasn't there either. Also, ensure HE is your photographer for the wedding. Although it was written in our contract, he wedding hopped, so he wasn't our primary photo during the wedding, just for the ceremony first look and reception fam photos.

  July 13 , 2022

Stressful and Disappointing

The pictures came out just fine - I would say that out of 1000 photos only 100 were actually amazing and reflective of the quality they seem to tell people they will give them. They false promised a lot, major delays to get answers to our emails, texts, took so long to deliver the images and still have not gotten our videos and its been 8 months now. During the actual events didn't seem like they tried to put too much effort which was disappointing. I had a luxury wedding and the amount of money I paid to Mir was not worth the service or the photos/videos. Really nice team but the professionalism is lacking and they shouldn't over promise things to their clients when they simply can't deliver on time. Truly think if you want a luxury photo/video crew go with someone else.

  June 13 , 2022


Most of the quality came out great and the editing was good, the engagement shoot was epic. however the shots I wanted as a bride, I didn’t get. I had sent multiple examples of solo photos I wanted and We didn’t get a single one. Deeply sad about that as I didn’t get the dream shots to look back on. We had a lot of issues with communication. Took weeks to hear back, sometimes no responses, ignoring for days. Husband had to go off at them multiple Times to get them to respond. We flew the team in so overall once they were here, it was fine but before and after truly a hassle. I would probably not go with them again if I had a second chance/ re do lol.

  May 19 , 2022

They are AMAZING!

What can I say about Mir and his team? They were amazing and DELIVERED! I was a picky bride and wanted the perfect photographer and videographer. I was extremely happy with the way my pictures and videos turned out. Mir and his team were super easy to work with as well. Their eye for capturing photos/videos is impeccable. So glad I chose them for my wedding and I have no regrets!

  July 25 , 2021

Amazing Wedding Photographer

There is so much to say about Miranwarstudios! They are an amazing team full of creativity, visionary and amazing people. Their pictures tell a story and are so uniquely shot! I’ve had the pleasure working with them a couple of times and every time I shoot with them, they don’t disappoint! If you are looking for a wedding photographer, give them a chance! You won’t be disappointed ????

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