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  • Indian Photographer/Videographer_Lomesh Patel_forever yours
  • Indian Photographer/Videographer_Lomesh Patel_forever yours
  • Indian Photographer/Videographer_Lomesh Patel_forever yours
  • Indian Photographer/Videographer_Lomesh Patel_forever yours

Lomesh Photography


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About Lomesh Photography - Top Indian Wedding Photo and Video in Texas

At Lomesh Photography, taking photographs is more than just a profession: it’s a passion. Lomesh takes time to develop connections with his clients and will work with you to capture your memories. What started out as a hobby turned into a profession, through which Lomesh has gained years of experience. He is ready to capture your wedding story with care and expertise.

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Meet the Wedding Vendor

What prompted you to work as a South Asian/Indian wedding photographer?

I started my journey as a South Asian photographer back in 2009.  Just like many, it started as a hobby and quickly turned into a business :)


How would you describe your style or personality as an Indian wedding photographer?

Our tagline is "Modern Styles. Traditional Values."  When we shoot, we keep the tagline in mind.  What it means is that we understand that most of our couples are looking for the documentary/modern style; while most parents still prefer the traditional style of photography.


How do you describe your working style? Do you prefer to capture candid moments by blending in the crowd, or do you like to be more visible and take charge and choreograph images?

I love capturing candid moments.  I feel Candid is the best way to capture real emotions.


What is your process of working with couples from the day they sign you to the wedding events?

We take our job very seriously.  Because we want our full attention on the couple, we never book multiple weddings on the same weekend.  From day one, we are readily available to answer any questions or concerns; not only about photography for about any other details.


How do you feel about pre-wedding or engagement shoots?

They are so much fun!!  I love these shoots primarily because this is where we get to know the couple and really get to connect.  


Any tips for the camera-shy couple?

A couple of shots of tequila will do the trick :)  


How can a couple get through tons of photos without looking exhausted?

For the most part, couples handle it really well. The time I see the couples get really exhausted is after the wedding.  This is due to the fact that they've had multiple events on prior days and also the fact that their wedding day usually starts around 4 am with getting ready. I suggest my couple do the wedding photos/portraits immediately after getting ready so that they look fresh!


What is it like to work with you on the day of the wedding?

All smiles! :)  It's true, we always have a smile on our face throughout all the events regardless of any circumstances such as fatigue.


Do you have a backup plan in place if things do not go as planned/scheduled?

Multiple cameras, multiple flashes, multiple photographers.  Yes, backup is always planned!  


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Lomesh Photography

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  October 26 , 2021

Our Roka Pics

We absolutely loved working with Lomesh and Radhika! From the every beginning, talking to Radhika and setting up dates and itinerary, to the actual day of our Roka, everything was so easy and smooth! They worked well with us even in events of my family being delayed. On top of everything they were so comfortable to work with during the actual shoot! I’m always super nervous when getting my pictures taken and Radhika made it seem like it was a friend guiding us rather than a professional photographer!! That’s what I loved the best about Lomesh Photography!

  September 13 , 2021

Like family

Lomesh and Radhika were so great. It’s crazy that my husband and I went with them because they shot my sister’s wedding as well as my husband’s sister’s wedding. I don’t know where to begin with these two. They made working with them so effortless and so much fun! From the moment we signed with them to our engagement shoot to the wedding. We were all laughing so much that it felt like we were hanging out with family. They listened to what we wanted, took risks with us, and even had fun in the rain with us! I especially loved the fact that they really listened to our parents and what they wanted as well. Overall, Lomesh and Radhika are great, professional, and great artists in their own right. I highly recommend them and I hope to use them in the future for any events we may have!

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