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This full-service audio-visual production company specializes in capturing your event at its best with utmost quality. A&A Video is committed to luxury. They offer the finest videography and photography services, with elegant, high-quality styles that are sure to brighten your day. The team at A&A Video will listen to your needs and will work with you to provide you with a smooth experience.

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A&A Photo & Video

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  June 21 , 2022

The Best Team

A&A did a fabulous job capturing every moment of our special wedding week! The team was so easy to work with and very accommodating. Everything was to perfection! They really captured our story and all of the emotions throughout the week! I would recommend them in a heartbeat!

  February 28 , 2022

For the price you pay it’s not worth the hassle

Like the previous reviews, I also experienced lack of communication. It’s been 5-6 months since the wedding and we do not have all the videos. I’ve had to pull and beg for an accurate time line of delivery. Another negative point was that when I booked them for the wedding, I specifically asked for a certain photographer/videographer and at the wedding I came to a surprise. Two completely different people. I was so heart broken because I would’ve never paid this much if I was not going to get my request completed. Honestly their picture quality is wonderful but their videos vary depending on the video person you pick! Some highlight moments looked unclear and seemed like something a phone would record. I have had to make several adjustments. Hopefully all the videos come out great.

  February 14 , 2022

Think twice before booking them!

This review was long pending. I was waiting for all the materials to be delivered to be proven otherwise, but NO! I can't go and get married again, but I would advise all the upcoming couples to carefully consider this review before choosing A&A for your big day. Also please note that the team that handles office affairs are unresponsive until you beg them a couple of times or directly loop in Imran. That’s when you get a proper response. Positives: 1. The videographer assigned to my venue for pre wedding festivities and also the reception did a fantastic job at covering some candids and angles. We can see his good work in the full video as well. 2. The team was on time at all our venues for all our events. 3. Sameer did a decent job with both of our individual portraits and family portraits. Not up to our expectations: 1. Poor coverage of traditional south Indian wedding. There were absolutely no angles covered except for the front angle. I have attended a lot of Indian weddings, the photo crew, at least 1 photographer and 1 videographer, are always on the stage, covering different angles, since the couple are not always seated facing the crowd. I am extremely disappointed at how this turned out. My husband and I signalled at the photographers to come on the stage and cover the events. They did not come on the stage despite our multiple attempts of trying to get them to cover different angles. Finally, for the saptapadi, I remember my brother in law explicitly calling them over since it was facing a different direction. 2. Mirror shots are tasteless in the highlight videos This again ties back to point 1, since the team has not covered different angles, they have used mirror shots in our highlight video. Which means all the traditions done in the right hand show up as done on the left side, this is not how we want to showcase our wedding traditions to the world. 3. Poor coverage in the live streaming. This was an ABSOLUTE DISASTER!!! I remember having very specific discussion on this multiple times. Our wedding was happening in the US due to covid related travel restrictions. Video streaming was extremely important for us to share our wedding with our family members around the world. We were promised a flawless coverage and we paid extra for this service. The video streaming as you can see is A DISASTER. Even with stellar internet connection, the footage was poor, it was lagging in multiple places. And in places where it did work properly, the coverage was extremely poor. Instead of covering the events taking place, the camera was fixated at the stage where there was no activity going on! Extremely disappointed at the money and time wasted on this. 4. Poor coverage the Baraatt Entry We had informed the team multiple times about the Baraat entry in helicopter. We had even conveyed the timings and location the day before. We spent a ton on this and the coverage is extremely disappointing especially when the Baraat arrived at the wedding venue. Our friends with iPhone have done a better job at capturing this for us. 5. Certain crew members either lack training or pre-occupied with other things My husband's Haldi event was not covered as expected. Camera and videography was fixated in one angle and we have no visibility into who's performing the rituals. Main photographer at my event was always on his phone, couple of my friends had to nudge him to take photos from different angles. I remember calling you and talking about it, right after my Haldi event as well. Highlight video was hastily done picking up random shots from random timings. There is no proper story lining to the highlight video. I expected way better here. Even after suggesting some changes, helicopter video and bidai video has just been stuck in there hastily. Some of the raw videos were much better than the ones chosen for highlights. Overall, I am pretty disappointed with the experience and correspondence with your team.Would not recommend the business to any of my friends getting married in Houston area

  August 4 , 2021

Photography and Videography

So in the beginning, everyone was great to speak with, very receptive to getting back to me in a timely manner and everything. Once i booked A&A, i realized that this was not the case. They were difficult to get a hold of, rarely responded or called back, and were just very unprofessional. They care more for filming their destination weddings/photosessions, and definitely give more attention to people with a high following on instagram and social media. And i had heard that but did not believe it til i personally went through it. They are over priced for the quality of work. I have seen other photographers do a great job and pay attention to details. I was very unhappy with the way things were done through A&A. For the record, save your money and take your business elsewhere. There are some great photographers in houston who give exceptional customer service without breaking the bank. A&As photographers and videographers also work with other photo companies in Houston. This is something i learned later. Overall, they were the most difficult vendors and expensive vendors I worked with. I do not recommend.

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