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Ms. Painted Lady Artistry is an elite boutique designed to meet all your needs and make you feel confident, comfortable, and stunning on your wedding day. Offering wedding services to brides and grooms in the Dallas area and beyond, Ms. Painted Lady Artistry is a one-stop beauty shop serving all types of bridal looks. With their extensive experience of working with wedding coordinators, makeup artists, and hair stylists nationwide, they pride themselves on the artistry they are able to share with their clients.


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Alexandria Dixon from Ms. Painted Lady

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  September 13 , 2021


Alex was the first vendor I booked for my wedding festivities. I had been following her for quite sometime beforehand and to become a Ms Painted Lady Bride was so surreal! Alex made me feel like a Queen from the moment I signed with her and still continues to make me feel like one even after the celebrations! I had so much fun with her and letting her do whatever she wanted was the best decision I ever made. She made me feel beautiful, confident, and just felt like I could take on the world. This is something that’s not of importance, but I LOVED making IG reels with her of the looks! I don’t know how to do any of those and it was just so much fun! If you’re ever looking for someone to do hair, makeup, and dupatta/jewelry styling, she is your girl!

  August 24 , 2021


Booking Alex for my shaadi day and valima was the first thing I did once my date was finalized. I am so so glad I did! She books up fast! Can't even get mad about it because she is amazing (amazing is an understatement) I absolutely was in love with my looks! From the time I signed with her until the day of the valima, she made me feel like I was a priority and what I wanted mattered. She makes you feel calm and relaxed the day of your events and when I saw how I looked, I literally felt like a queen. Thank you so much Alex for making me look and feel so beautiful on my wedding day and I am so so glad I got to be a Ms. Painted Lady bride!

  February 19 , 2021


Alex is hands down the best hair and makeup artist out there. She made me look and feel my best on my big day. From the trial run to the big day, she was nothing short of perfection. She truly takes the time to listen to what you want and makes your vision come to life. I simply showed her a few pictures to give her the vibe I was going for and she quickly got an idea of what I wanted and made me look 10000x better than I had imagined. Along with her amazing talent she is also super fun to work with. She really makes the bridal glam experience such a fun and easy one. She really does end up becoming a friend. You can tell she genuinely enjoys doing what she does because her comfort makes your big day bridal glam go by so smoothly! If you want to look like a queen on your big day, Alex is definitely the person to go to!

  January 16 , 2021

Extremely Talented

A very professional experience. You get exactly what you pay for, the expectations are pretty clear and the contract is very thorough, I was extremely happy with her work and glad I went with her!

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