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Outspoken Visions


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About Outspoken Visions Entertainment - Top Indian Wedding DJ in Texas

Outspoken Visions Entertainment offers a full range of quality professional entertainment services to make your special occasion memorable and successful

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Meet the Wedding Vendor

What's your story?

Asad, The Founder of Outspoken Visions: I started DJ'ing when I was in high school. I worked for a videography company in the wedding industry when I was 15 and then a DJ asked me to help him. I started my DJ journey being an assistant, then grew from there. Eventually clients really liked my DJ and MC style and wanted me specifically for their special events. I, then, started Outspoken Visions a few years later, purchased all my own gear, and grew the team. The rest is history.


How long have you been DJ’ing professionally?

Over 15 years.


How do you define your role at a wedding as the DJ?

The life of the party! I am responsible to keep the reception on track with the program but at the same time making sure the vibe is right, so everyone is having a good time. 


Why do you recommend couples have a live DJ vs a Spotify or Apple playlist?

I always recommend a live DJ. Being able to read the crowd and adapt to the environment with the music selection is not something any playlist can do. A live DJ will always bring you more and keep your crowd entertained. 


What sets you apart from your competition? Can you describe your style?

First being able to be versatile with different styles of music. Second being able to read crowds and adapt instantly. Third would my team, I feel I have the best group of talented individuals around me to make our events successful, from the techs to the MCs to the Dholi’s to the other DJs on our team, Outspoken Visions has the best of them all. 


Do you help couples choose the music for their entrances, father-daughter dance, etc.?

Yes, I do help. I communicate with my clients to understand what type of music they want for their specific moment and then suggest songs / mixes to them. Sometimes they want a custom mix for certain moments, and my team and I help them make that as well. 


What are your tips for couples planning their wedding music?

Don’t worry about what the hottest and best track out there is. Just go with the songs you like and you will enjoy. Pick songs and music that are special to you and your family. 


How far in advance do couples need to book you for their wedding?

Typically around 6-9 months in advance 


What does your ideal client look like?

Someone getting married LOL. Just kidding. A typical client for us at Outspoken Visions is a potential bride and groom looking to have a team with high-end equipment, attention to detail, and an experienced group of talented entertainers for their special day 


How many weddings do you do on an average weekend? Do you perform at more than one event in a day?

On average, I would say 2-3 events or weddings a weekend. Sometimes I perform at more than one a day depending on the timing of the wedding. Like I have done a morning wedding ceremony, to a separate daytime wedding reception, to another evening wedding reception. This is only because my Outspoken Visions team worked around the clock so my setup was ready to go right when I got to the next event and there were no delays or setbacks. We have a large and capable team.


Are there any other services that you provide, such as lighting design or a photo booth?

Yes our team provides it all, lighting, photobooth, dhol players, LED screens, projectors and screens, special effects like dry ice cloud effects and indoor sparklers, and a lot more. Just visit outspokenvisions.com to see all that we can offer.


Do you also act as an emcee announcing the wedding party, first dance, and other announcements? If yes, how would you define your emcee style?

Yes I love MCing. I would say professional and energetic is my MC style. Professional when I need to be and full of energy when I need to be as well. 


How do you balance entertaining the couple's friends vs older family and friends?

First I make sure I understand the mix of audiences before going into the event. From there, I see throughout the night how the crowd is responding to the different types of music and make sure to adjust accordingly.


How much time do you take for setup, soundcheck, and breakdown on the day of the event?

This all depends on the services we are providing and how the setup is. Outdoor/indoor, lighting, space, production, special effects etc. It can be an hour or sometimes we start setting up the night before an event. My team will call the venue, find out all the information possible, then prepare a schedule for our crew along with a gear list. We will make sure we are all on the same page, so we know how much time we have to set up and what it will take to make the event successful. 


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Outspoken Visions Entertainment

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  August 9 , 2021

Delivers - Professional and Nice

Asad and his team are easy to work with. I suggest calling Ismail at least once leading up to the wedding -- 2 weeks before if possible -- to make sure you know what they need to be successful. Ismail added extra speakers on in another room of our venue for us last minute, and the day of Asad and his team stayed extra because we asked. They are very professional and also genuinely nice people.

  December 7 , 2020

Reads the crowd so well!

DJ was amazing! He read the crowd perfectly and never failed to keep the good music flowing. Asad is also a really nice guy and you can tell he loves doing what he does and cares for his customers. His administrative support, however, is not very easy to work with and requires a little repeating and hand holding.

  November 11 , 2020

So friendly and so much fun

We hired Outspoke Visions for my reception in Dallas last year. They were so down to earth and friendly! They flowed with our schedule, which was a bit chaotic due to unexpected thunderstorms, and even stayed later than planned without a word. Loved their music. They felt like friends even though we had never met. Highly recommend!

  September 7 , 2020

Hire them

We had Asad (DJ Mo-T) for our Hindu wedding. He did a wonderful job for the baraat, ceremony, and reception. He knows how to read the crowd and play music accordingly. Asad can do Bollywood as well as American/hip hop music. He actually listens and takes requests, which makes for happy guests and happy clients! We used them for emcee services as well. He did exactly what was asked and did not mispronounce any names. We had up-lights and a gobo through him which took our event to the next level.

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