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NachLe DJ


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About NachLe DJ - Top Indian Wedding DJ in Texas

NachLe DJ Entertainment is one of Texas's most flexible and innovative DJs. We've DJed everything from micro weddings to 1000+ luxury events. We read the audience and make sure to give them what they want, from the top 10 Bollywood songs to fusion and top 40 favorites, and keep the guests on the floor until the party ends. We are based in Houston, but travel all over Texas and globally to destination weddings. Send us an email or give us a ring any time!

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Meet the Wedding Vendor

Tell us about how you started DJ’ing and the origin of your company, NachLe DJ.

I started in 2008 out of the intersection of providing fun/entertainment, having a connection with my culture (bhangra), an interest in business (serving clients/customers), and overall interest in music (I was on drumline in high school). I wanted to attend parties during college but didn't want to pay to attend so why not create a business where I am providing a service while enjoying what I am doing.


How long have you been DJ’ing professionally?

Since 2008 I would say. I went straight into weddings and other private events


How do you define your role at a wedding as the DJ?

I would say project manager. As a DJ, we keep the guests informed at all times whenever giving general announcements or announcing entrances, etc. We also need to keep guests entertained wherever possible.


Why do you recommend couples have a live DJ vs a Spotify or Apple playlist?

A DJ's role is to cater the music to what the guests react to and change the style of music accordingly. Music platforms play a song in its entirety which DJs mix songs after about the 1.5 or 2 min mark. A DJ can also read the crowd to change up the music to liven things back up.


What sets you apart from your competition? Can you describe your style?

My attention to detail, professionalism, honesty, punctuality, pricing, and hard working spirit.


What are your tips for couples planning their wedding music?

Consider your guests. A lot of my clients pick songs that relate to them specifically without thinking of what their guests would like. Although I am paid by the client, I'm being asked to DJ for everyone so I need to play songs that appeal to the client and the guests.


How far in advance do couples need to book you for their wedding?

At least 6 months up to two years


What does your ideal client look like?

In an absolute world, my client would have their weddings in spaces outside of the typical ballroom such as a pool party or in a museum. Guests can experience swimming or hanging pool side with their friends and family or take in what the museum has to offer. The venue says a lot about the clients and what they want their guests to experience.  


How many weddings do you do on an average weekend? Do you perform at more than one event in a day?

We handle one client per weekend. We stay focused and put all of our resources into one client so we aren't spread too thinly. Because if the prestige of desi weddings are held, we don't want to under-serve our clients by taking on more than we can handle. We may handle two clients per weekend with one day overlap.


Are there any other services that you provide, such as lighting design or a photo booth?

We offer dancing on the cloud, cold sparklers, sparkler exits, corn hole and connect four for cocktail hour, cocktail hour music, gobo/monograms, and uplighting.


Do you also act as an emcee announcing the wedding party, bouquet toss, first dance and other announcements? If yes, how would you define your emcee style?

Yes, we offer emcee services for those types of announcements. Our emcee style is semi personable and formal. We keep everyone hyped and engaged but also pepper in adjectives that we pick up from listening to speeches.


How much time do you take for setup, soundcheck, and breakdown on the day of the event?

Comfortably speaking, three hours to set up, one to break down. If we are rushed, we can set up in 1.5 to 2 hours and break down in about 45 minutes.


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NachLe DJ

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  March 1 , 2021

DJ Ayush Was Great!

We decided to go with Ayush at Nachle because he took his time to understand our needs. He talked to us about all the services we could use, but didn't try to upsell. He was so focused on making sure we achieved what we wanted, it made us feel very welcome. He was. reasonable cost and with our minimal playlist skills for a Desi wedding, Ayush even said, it's my job to figure out what to play, it's your job to enjoy your big day. Ayush made our wedding feel exactly the way we wanted!

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