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About Sunrise Dance - Top Dance Choreographer in Texas

Sunrise Dance is specialized in Wedding and Event Choreography! From coordinating the Bride and Groom’s magical First Dances to corporate functions to hosting workshops to creating family skits, and much more - Sunrise customizes routines tailored to each of their clients ensuring that their vision is brought to life. Sneha Dama, Founder and Owner of Sunrise Dance, is a professional dancer based in Houston, TX. She has been trained for over 20 years in various dance styles including Kathak, Bollywood, Ballroom Dance, and many more. Sneha aims to create a platform that leads individuals to discover their story through the expression of dance along with creating a unique, memorable experience for all her clients!

Meet the Wedding Vendor

What led you to your journey of becoming a dance choreographer?

My love for dance and choreography started at a very young age when I was in my Kathak Class. My Guru, Mrs. Shiva Mathur, opened the world of improvisation for us through her teaching. She would have us create our own movements to little stories that she would share with us to help spark our imagination. It was not too long after that I fell in love with expressing stories through dance. It was such a beautiful feeling to experience, and I knew dance was going to be something special in my life.

Throughout my dance journey, I have had the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with others, especially when I was instructing at Rhythm India. When I saw clients put so much dedication into learning their routines and enjoying the process of it all, that's when I knew I needed to keep going!


What do you love most about being a dance choreographer?

What I love the most about being a choreographer is that I get to curate each client's story and bring it to life through dance. It's not only just about teaching the choreography, but about seeing how each individual, whether they’re a wedding client or kids in a private lesson, “Rises and Shines” with each and every lesson. And that is what Sunrise Dance is all about – “Rise and Shine” to be the best version of yourself!


What styles of dance do you specialize in?

I've been trained in Kathak for 12 years and Bollywood for 8 years. Other styles I am currently learning are Ballroom, Latin and Shuffling!


What does your process look like working with clients to teach them a dance for their wedding?

Once we curate a package that is best suited for the client, we then start to finalize songs and availability prior to starting rehearsals. The choreography is ready to go when they begin their first session. We take the choreography at their pace and tweak any steps along the way if needed. My priority is to ensure that the clients feel comfortable every step of the way.


How do you teach clients who have never danced before or are self-conscious?

There have been many clients who, at the beginning, have vocalized that "They have two left feet" or "They don't have much experience with dance". Regardless of everyone's dance background - I truly believe that everyone CAN dance. All you need is the right mindset and once you have that, you'll surprise yourself with how much you can learn and achieve. And this applies not only to dance, but with aspects of life as well!


How should the couple decide which dance to learn?  

Couples should reflect on the favorite parts of their relationship and think to themselves, "If there was a song that perfectly described this moment or feeling, what would it be?" And there's your start!


Where do you provide training sessions?

I am based out of Houston but am available to travel to hold sessions as well. Additionally, I do hold sessions virtually through Zoom and provide video tutorials for out of state clients or those with busy schedules.


How many lessons does it typically take to prepare a performance dance? 

Typically, if a dance performance is around 3-4 minutes, I would advise scheduling 4 rehearsals.


How far in advance do you recommend friends and family members start practicing for their sangeet or reception performances?

I know that planning for performances isn’t always at the top of the list during wedding planning, but I would advise starting to inquire about choreography 2-3 months out. The more time there is to rehearse and become comfortable with the choreography, the better the performance!


What other tips would you share with the couple and other performers?

Remember this is YOUR special day! You want to perform for yourself and have fun along the way so you can make memories to smile back on! The choreography is there just to help guide you along the way :) 


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Sunrise Dance

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  March 29 , 2023


Sneha is the best!!! The DJ told us that we had some of the best dances he had ever seen! Highly recommend

  April 20 , 2022

Anasuya K

Sneha was incredible! We got in touch with her about our first dance a month before our wedding and we wanted 3 very different songs to be we are not the best dancers, so her work was cut out for her. She killed it. She choreographed a first dance that was simple enough for us to remember, and it was really fun to do. She broke down the steps to make it easy for us to learn quickly, and was very responsive in sending out the video afterwards for us to practice. Our family and friends were so surprised at our wedding to see our first dance, and they all really loved it. We couldn't have done it without Sneha! 100% would recommend her!

  February 13 , 2022

Dance Choreo

We found Sneha through one of our other friends that used her choreo services, and we were so glad that we did! She choreographed a dance for my groomsmen and one for my cousins and did such a great job. She created a couple versions of each choreo which helped a lot. One is a full instruction breakdown that explains each step without the music. Then she created a mirrored version and a regular version with the music. This made it very easy for everyone to learn the dances. She even had a zoom session for us to ask her any questions and to practice the dance live with her. I had recommended her for my best friends wedding as well and she once again did a great job at teaching us those dances. I would highly recommend Sneha and her services to anyone that is looking for an easy way to learn a new dance routine.

  September 23 , 2021

Wonderful, reliable vendor!

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Sneha twice for my wedding and she was absolutely phenomenal! She’s extremely personable, organized, timely, and of course super creative and a great dancer! Both the items choreographed were exactly what we were looking for and a huge hit! She does an amazing job of teaching the choreography and personalizing it to fit you! I can’t recommend her enough!

  July 27 , 2021


Sneha did an amazing job choreographing and teaching my bridesmaids a dance for my wedding. She took the time to set up a zoom call and be flexible to our schedules. The price was really good and Sneha’s talent speaks for itself. Highly recommend couples take off a load of stress from the bridal party/family and book her!

  June 28 , 2021

You need Sunrise for your Wedding Dance needs!

I had no idea I would need a wedding dance choreographer until I did! Sneha and Sunrise Dance were amazing and truly a pleasure to work with. Not only did she choreograph 3 full-length group dances, she coordinated scheduling practices for those dances for 35 people and accommodated folks in-person and virtually, through Zoom! Sneha was so flexible and patient with my family and friends ranging in ages of 5-35. She was truly a lifesaver for our wedding program and I received nothing but amazing feedback and praise from our family and friends who worked with her AND our wedding guests who LOVED all of the performances. I would HIGHLY recommend Sunrise Dance for all your wedding and events choreography!

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