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About NaachSani - Top Dance Choreographer in Texas

When I started NaachSani, it was because I had this urge to make my dream come true, even though my confidence was very low due to my experience as a dancer. Over time, through the community I built, I felt more confident and happier in my own body while dancing. Through this journey, my goal is to help others see that no matter what their age, disability, gender, or body shape and size, it's possible to have a blast with Bollywood music. I specialize in wedding and events choreography, dance cardio, Garba/Raas, and Bollywood fusion. Feel free to say hi! :)

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1. What experiences shaped you into being passionate about dance and becoming a choreographer?

Dancing has always been healing for me. I grew up in a traumatic household and dance was my escape. When I wasn't allowed to use the internet and other electronic devices, I would blast music in my room and randomly choreograph steps as if I was going to be performing. I wasn't always allowed to dance, so having this one thing for myself made it more precious. During my teens, I started choreographing my own pieces and performing them at Diwali shows and other cultural events.

2. What do you love most about being a dance choreographer?

I love the freedom of honoring my culture through dance. I love teaching beginners and watching students grow. I love being able to teach non-South Asians what Bollywood is, what Navratri and Diwali are, and spreading some positive light about my culture through dance.

3. Which styles of dance do you specialize in?

I specialize in Bollywood fusion/free style and Garba/Raas.

4. What does your wedding dance choreography process look like?

Wedding choreographies are so special. I love helping clients create something unique to them for special choreos. I encourage client's to message/email me the following:

  • What type of choreography are they looking for (something easy/simple; moderate/fancy)
  • How many choreographies do they need
  • How many dancers
  • Their timeline
  • Preferred style of learning (in-person, Zoom, or videos)
  • Their budget

Once I have all this information I give them a quick quote before writing up a contract and sending the initial invoice. 


5. How do you teach clients who have never danced before or are self-conscious? 

I LOVE teaching beginners! My entire virtual studio is based on teaching beginners. I remind clients that they don't need to do anything that they are uncomfortable with during a routine and to let me know if something is too hard, too weird, or uncomfortable. I also try to do warm ups with them to help them get comfortable in their own bodies. I remind them that I am not a perfect dancer. I am self-taught, I never took dance lessons and I don't have a dance degree. I dance because it makes me feel good and that's what I like to teach-how to feel good in your own body, how to find moves that make you feel good. I encourage clients to find their own style, feel the beat, and have fun with the moment. I give a lot of pep talks during my meetings with clients and a lot of reminders throughout our contract and time together.


6. What do expect to be the top trending songs in 2022 for the first dance and group performances?

Dilbaro from the movie Raazi is one of my favorite bridal songs for a bridal solo! I love teaching Dilbaro to clients! Raataan Lambiyan is also a great one for a solo or a first dance. Group wedding songs can be tricky because it depends on what type of group is performing (family vs. friends), but here are some that I think will be a hit regardless of how old the songs are: Bole Chuddiyan, Sajna/Say Yes to the Dress, Chaka Chak, Teri Baaton Mein (Raghav), and Nachde Ne Saare.


7. How should the couple decide which dance to learn?

I think it's nice when couples choose their favorite songs, favorite artists, or actors/actresses/movies, and incorporate those songs in their dances. I also think it's a good idea to pick songs that tell their love story/journey. I think it's best to choose what feels easy, doable, and fun because ultimately, that's what matters. For example, when my boyfriend and I first started dating, I was singing "neend churaiyi meri, kisno oh sanam.." and I paused where the pause happens, and my boyfriend said "Tu ne!" and it was the sweetest thing and the first time he had sung with me. I would want to dance to that song because that memory is special to me and I know when I dance, I will feel joyful and happy rather than stressed about the steps/or song selection. It's special to me, to us.


8. Where do you provide training sessions?

If clients are within 80 miles of my city I drive to client's house, and charge for the roundtrip. I also offer travel packages. Finally, I offer virtual choreography through Zoom sessions and videos clients can choose to learn from.


9. How many lessons does it typically take to prepare a performance dance? 

This depends on a couple different factors: 1. Do you have dance/performance experience? 2. What's your learning style? 3. How much effort are you willing to put in to learn the choreo? 4. How complex is the choreography and how long? Typically I say it takes about 5-10 Zoom sessions with me, assuming that the client is practicing daily on their own. I would say for a short 1-2 minute choreo, 5-6 Zoom sessions is good as long as the client continues to practice on their own at least 15-30 minutes a day.


10. How far in advance do you recommend friends and family members start practicing for their sangeet or reception performances?

I think it's important to practice until you get tired of the music. I know this can be hard, but I highly HIGHLY recommend not leaving your special performance for the last minute. It's good to start at least 4 months in advance. Weddings can be so stressful for many different reasons, some that are sometimes out of our control. It's important to have at least one thing that is constant and structured. Dance can do that for you. The first month you will pick songs, and start to create a plan of how you want the performance to look. The next month will be about creating the choreography, picking dance steps, putting it all together, The third month you will learn, remember, practice, and fix whatever does not flow. The fourth month you might be stressed, but you can at least have comfort knowing that the dance/performance is way ahead of the game, and all you have to do is show up and put on your best show.


11. What are the latest trends in Indian wedding choreography? Are there any new trends you are seeing with the couple’s first dance or the father-daughter and mother-son dance?

Some of the latest trends I've noticed are the trends we see on Tiktok and Insta reels, a mix of some hip-hop american song transitioning to a popular desi song. Another thing I have noticed is that most parent-child songs start off with a slow dance and then have a "wow factor" to impress the audience and keep them entertained.


12. What other tips would you share with the couple and other performers?

For groups/couples: look at each other when you're performing. Smile at each other, feed off of each other's energy. This shows the audience how much fun you're having and keeps them entertained as well. It also helps with the stage fright when you know you're in this together. Don't know the lyrics? It's okay, keep smiling and use your body to make the moves pop out. If you have a lot of dances try to break them up. The typical attention span for the audience is approximately 5 minutes. Anything longer than this should be spaced out in between speeches or other things. Try to include the audience, encourage them to clap, bring them on the dance floor, etc. Happy dancing to all the future bridal/groom parties!


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