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Molly Choreographs


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About Molly Choreographs - Top Dance Choreographer in Texas

Hello! I am excited to connect with you and make your day even more special! I believe in being customer-focused, so that you can get the best quality service from me! I offer a high range of services including: Wedding choreographer, sangeet choreographer, other event/function choreographer, music curator, and fitness trainer. I have worked with kids and adults. Don't have a song? Let me help you! I will understand your musical tastes to brainstorm songs you might be interested in. If you have multiple songs, I can mash them into 1 mp3 track, with appropriate transitions, so that the music doesn't sound choppy.

A little more about me: I have professionally danced on stages across USA with a team and solo. I have professionally learned Bharatnatyam and Kathak. NOTE!Due to the pandemic, this is now a virtual service, however, if a physical meeting is required, we can discuss pandemic precautions that will be taken.

Meet the Wedding Vendor

Tell us about the one experience that triggered you to become a dance choreographer.

I have been dancing most of my childhood and adult years. During my late teens, a family friend desperately needed a Choreographer to teach her group, as they were participating in a local community contest. I offered to pitch in for free. They had a great time learning with me and I had a great time teaching choreography! I knew that day I found my calling.


What do you love most about being a dance choreographer?

What I love most about being a choreographer is being creative and molding something out of nothing.


What styles of dance do you specialize in?

I mostly specialize in Bollywood freestyle, first dance numbers such as waltz, and some ethnic such as bhangra and Kathak.


What does your process look like working with clients to teach them to dance for their wedding?

My process begins with the informal meet and greets zoom call. I let them walk me through their vision for the dance and what expectations they have for me. Using that, I help them finalize the music tracks and begin creating the choreography. I always tell my clients as a golden rule, to have at least one dress rehearsal so that they're no surprises on the big day. I like to keep this a collaborative process. I work with my clients patiently if there is a need to change the choreography midway or add more practice sessions.


How do you teach clients who have never danced before or are self-conscious?

The key here is patience and understanding. For someone who's self-conscious or hasn't danced before, I use a lot of motivating phrases and more technical direction when practicing. I also actively listen to my client when they say a step is uncomfortable or too difficult, and make adjustments as appropriate. I don't pressurize my clients to learn the choreography in a set number of sessions.


How should the couple decide which dance to learn?

The dance style should be something that both partners are comfortable doing. Everyone's coordination and dance level are different. So it's important to find that happy medium. I would suggest either going to different classes or virtual classes and testing out different dance forms together. A good covid-free go-to is youtube. Testing out the dances together is very important so that you both have an understanding of how your partner moves.


Where do you provide training sessions?

Today, I offer virtual sessions, which have worked well for both clients in Houston and couples outside of Texas.


How many lessons does it typically take to prepare a performance dance? 

Let's average each lesson is 1 hour each. I would average for a 3-minute song, 6-7 1-hour sessions. Depending on the person's dance level and coordination, it may take more lessons or fewer lessons. Practice is key!


How far in advance do you recommend friends and family members start practicing for their sangeet or reception performances?

I have worked with people who started learning two weeks before the big day and were able to perform successfully. However, I would not make this a common practice. I suggest at least 3 months early. I know it's difficult to get family members together in one place especially now, so 3 months is a good buffer period.


What other tips would you share with the couple and other performers?

Definitely do dress rehearsals because you don't want any surprises on the big day. Your shoes should be "broken-in" so that you move comfortably. Please refrain from making any adjustments to the song/dance or the number of dancers at the last minute; it'll be hard for the dancers to get used to the changes on time (and possibly difficult for the choreographer to accommodate on such short notice).


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Molly Choreographs

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  June 2 , 2021

I took her Bollywood Fitness classes

We just finished Molly's class and I wanted to tell you how much I love her classes!! I love her format as well as the technical aspects she mentions about the movements, poses and the muscles!!!!

  May 31 , 2021

Avani Basrai

Ms.Goel was extremely nice and well organized for each of zoom session we had. She was so considerate with the timings and recommendations we had. She’s extremely nice and really easy to talk to. When we performed it was amazing and we got many compliments. Definitely going to be contacting her for the next function!

  March 2 , 2021


My experience working with Molly was absolutely wonderful. She is very pleasant, organized, and reliable! She worked with me to make sure the dances were exactly what I wanted for my engagement party and also ensured that there was enough time for all members to learn their parts. It was such a joy to work with her and I would 100% recommend her to all my friends and family! She is creative and your function will be a success! I was very impressed.

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