• Indian Dance Choreographer_Gulabi Dance Co_bride and groom with the entourage
  • Indian Dance Choreographer_Gulabi Dance Co_bride and groom with the entourage
  • Indian Dance Choreographer_Gulabi Dance Co_bride and groom with the entourage
  • Indian Dance Choreographer_Gulabi Dance Co_bride and groom with the entourage
  • Indian Dance Choreographer_Gulabi Dance Co_bride and groom with the entourage
  • Indian Dance Choreographer_Gulabi Dance Co_bride and groom with the entourage

Gulabi Dance Co


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About Gulabi Dance Co - Top Dance Choreographer in Texas

Gulabi Dance Co. started as a passion project of mine in 2019. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved dancing and weddings. One of my favorite childhood memories is of my aunt teaching me full-on choreography to “Chale Jaise Hawaiyen” from Main Hoon Na to perform at a wedding. I’m a Bollywood fanatic and my family is full of personalities fit to make the most dramatic characters. The filmy facial expressions, gorgeous clothing, and graceful moves are some of the reasons I fell in love with Bollywood dancing. I’ve had the opportunity to teach romantic first dances, fun flash mobs, and hilarious groomsmen numbers. All of my clients have made this such a fun experience for me. I love helping friends and family create memorable performances that light up the dance floor.

My booking process typically starts out with selecting the desired songs and determining the length of the performance. We discuss the client’s skill level and performance type during the first meeting. I’ll, then, make a custom audio mix that the client will review before starting choreography. Once the client is happy with their mix, I’ll choreography, and we’ll decide on a time and place to meet up and learn the moves. I have an at-home studio in Rowlett or I can travel to the client (whatever is convenient for them). I also offer virtual lessons which includes a pre-recorded video with a full break-down of each dance move. In addition to the virtual lessons, I offer additional support via FaceTime or Zoom if anybody needs extra help. Typically, it takes 4+ hours to choreograph and teach a 2-3 minute song.

Meet the Wedding Vendor

Tell us about the one experience that triggered you to become a dance choreographer.

I have always loved to dance! Since I can remember, I grew up performing at family's birthday parties and weddings. My passion for choreography and teaching came when I coordinated my brother's wedding dances. They had a super large friend group that wanted to be included in the dances, and I was in charge of all the performances! Everyone gave me such positive feedback after the dances so I realized I had a unique talent and passion for choreography.


What do you love most about being a dance choreographer?

I love getting to work with different clients and meet new people! It's been such a fun perk of starting this business. My favorite part of being a choreographer is seeing my moves come to life in a performance. It gives me such a sense of pride when watching client videos- like OMG I did that!!!


What styles of dance do you specialize in?

I specialize in Bollywood, bhangra, and ballroom dancing. I competed with my collegiate bhangra team and even performed at an NBA half time show!


What does your process look like working with clients to teach them a dance for their wedding?

I offer both in-person and online lessons. For my online lessons, I send out an in-depth tutorial video to my clients, and set up Zoom lessons as needed.


How do you teach clients who have never danced before or are self-conscious?

My style of choreography caters to both first-time performers to seasoned professionals! I am able to adapt dance moves and improvise if something isn't working for my client. My primary goal is for my client to look their best, get lots of cute pics, and have fun while dancing!


How should the couple decide which dance to learn?

Couples should take into account their personal styles and also the theme of their event when deciding songs/dances to perform. I try to make my couple's choreography simple and easy to remember since they have so many other responsibilities for their wedding. At the end of the day, their performance is geared toward memorable photo ops and lots of cheers from the crowd!


Where do you provide training sessions?

I offer training session at my home studio in Rowlett, TX, or I can also travel to the client if they're in the DFW area. I'm also open to traveling as an alternative to online lessons.


How many lessons does it typically take to prepare a performance dance? 

The performance is only as good as the time spent practicing. Learning a 2-3 minute dance can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. However, I recommend having at least 3 run-throughs of the performance on the day of the event.


How far in advance do you recommend friends and family members start practicing for their sangeet or reception performances?

My sweet spot is one month. Any earlier and you risk people forgetting or procrastinating on learning the dance. Believe it or not, I actually worked with a client 3 days before their wedding! It was really tough but they did their best and had a lot of fun with it.


What other tips would you share with the couple and other performers?

Performances are what make Desi weddings so much fun! Don't be afraid to get everyone involved. A family flash mob is always a hit! If you're hesitant about hiring a choreographer don't be afraid to ask questions. We're here to help you and alleviate stress (and unnecessary drama lol) with our services! It's just one more thing taken off of your infinitely large wedding-planning plate. Your friends and family will thank you for outsourcing and you will be left with a bomb performance that will live on Instagram forever.


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Gulabi Dance Co

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  January 16 , 2021

An absolute sweetheart and a thorough professional

OMG Jaqueline is an absolute sweetheart. My husband and I talked to her about a unique idea for a family group dance in lieu of a traditional entrance for our reception. Due to COVID - we had to switch things around and see if Jaqueline could accommodate a virtual dance video. After one conversation, she made us feel like we had known her forever. She took detailed notes of every single request and followed up with recommendations and fabulous ideas. Since our friends and family members are all around the globe, she created little video snippets with extremely easy to follow instructions for everyone to learn their portions. She even took the time to compile everyone's recordings and sent us a fabulous end result. We had 6 songs and over 36 people in the video and she came through for us by going above and beyond what we thought was possible. Everyone loved the videos so much!!! Her personality and talent is truly one of a kind. She also choreographed my bridal solo and it ended up being so absolutely beautiful! I couldn't have asked for a more creative/talented artist!

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