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About Stylhawk - Top Indian Wedding Clothing in Texas

Stylhawk is founded by 2 friends, Hetal Patel and Dharmistha J. Patel. Hetal has her BBA in Business Management and currently works in the Hospitality Industry. Dharmistha has a BBA with concentration in International Business and Finance. Stylhawk is an online marketplace App available in the App Store. We’ve made it simple for users to declutter their Indian closets while simultaneously recouping some of their initial investment back. It allows users to buy and sell pre-loved or brand new South Asian clothing and accessories. Everyone knows that weddings are huge in our culture and the celebrations usually continues for days, which mean we need more outfits! Both sides of the wedding parties can hugely benefit our platform by purchasing these outfits at a fraction of the retail price, and then turn around and re-list it for someone else to love it after you. This only not makes sense financially but economically as well, as it helps preserve these pieces by keeping them in our economy for longer period of time, reducing waste. Our vision for Stylhawk to keep expanding and growing into an online community of like minded individuals who may view this as a opportunity to do their part in helping promote sustainable fashion. We want our community feel comfortable and confident while using our App. This will not only help declutter and make money but also our environment. We want out clothing that is kept at its highest value during use to re-enter the economy after use, never ending up as waste. Stylhawk promotes circular and sustainable fashion, to avoid the harsh impact the clothing industry has on the environment. As a result of reusing, we as a community become conscious consumers and have a positive impact on the environment and increase sustainability in the Indian clothing industry. Our motto: Reclaiming fashion Redefining thrift. The Stylhawk App is a completely free to download and there are no listing fees or hidden cost associated. Come join our reseller community today!


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  May 8 , 2021

Great Selections

Easy to download and convenient browsing. Was able to select, purchase and wear within a week. Really liked the price as well. Overall great experience and would recommend.

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