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Top Desi & Interracial Wedding Planners in Texas - Dallas, Houston, Austin

If you have a roomier budget, and the thought of independently coordinating all these different vendors sounds a bit overwhelming, then you may want to consider a wedding planner! The support and services provided by a planner come in various packages, and leaning on these professionals can be well worth the investment for a busy bride and groom!



How much should a Desi wedding planner cost?

Costs will vary based on the services you request (full-service planning compared to day-of coordination), guest count (more guests will mean a larger wedding planning team), and travel as needed (if you are hiring a planner not located in the city you are getting married in). Day of planners can cost $2,000 - $10,000. Full-service planners can run $7,500 - $20,000+, especially when you are looking for top Desi wedding planners.


What are the different types of wedding planners?

There are three primary types of planners:


What is the job of a South Asian wedding planner?

The role of a wedding planner is to help the family and couple achieve their vision. The wedding planner’s responsibilities and how they help each client will vary based on the couple’s and family’s wants and needs. One client may want their South Asian wedding planner to take most decisions off their plates and bring a wedding to life under their budget. Another client may want their wedding planner to help them figure out how to bring two religions or cultures together into one ceremony. A third client may want to work closely with their wedding planner to bring the bespoke dreams to life.

South Asian planners and interracial wedding planners have tribal knowledge from having planned so many weddings before and can help across the below areas and more.


What are all of the details that wedding planners can help with?

Often there are hundreds of decisions and details that you never anticipate. This is where wedding planners can come in. Below are just a handle of activities a planner will take on:


How can wedding planners help with a micro wedding?

While many think micro weddings are a smaller production than the previously held big fat Desi weddings South Asians have known for, there is still a lot of planning and coordination that goes into a micro wedding. While micro weddings have smaller in-person guest counts, there is a large virtual guest count, which is a new component, AND, people spend more per guest, meaning more focus on planning a memorable experience.


How can wedding planners help with a pandemic wedding?

With Covid-19 and the uncertainty it has brought, state and county laws are constantly in flux. From making sure your guests feel safe before attending to having PPE and now with the vaccine rollout, wedding planners are in tune with the current standards and precautionary measures. They can help guide you on special requirements at the wedding or now to navigate vendor contracts if you need to make updates. It’s a challenging time, and having a planner can help you navigate the situation through an expert’s lens.


What key questions should I ask a potential wedding planner?

If you end up deciding to find a wedding planner to make your planning process less stressful and time-consuming, we recommend you make sure to find the right planner for you. We’ve included a series of questions to help you make the right decision.

High-Level Questions

Pre Contract Questions

Post Contract Questions


TIP: Fully understand the cultural/religious must-haves of your wedding, and pose specific questions to a potential wedding planner. You’ll want to really understand if they are aware of the festivities you’ll need and if they’ll be able to execute and support you the entire way.



Who are the top South Asian wedding planners in Texas?

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