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What’s a desi wedding without a band baajaa baraat? Traditionally, the baraat includes the groom’s family and friends (the baraatis) accompanied by Bollywood songs and dances. It is customary in many Indian communities for the groom to travel to the bride’s house or the wedding venue along with his relatives and friends. The groom may enter on a horse, an elephant, in a luxury car, or even on a Texan truck. In some cases, the groom carries a sword too.

In Punjabi weddings, the baraatis dance and sing along the way. Upon arrival, the groom is greeted by a puja or aarti where the bride’s mother prays for the well-being of all. The groom’s family members are then greeted by the bride’s family in a small ceremony called the milni where they exchange garlands and are given token gifts.

In Rajput weddings, traditionally, the baraat comprised of only male members and there is no dancing, but in modern days, it’s about including men and women and dancing their heart out. In Gujarat, the groom’s procession is called the jaan. In Muslim weddings, the dhol is a large part of the baraat. In Bengali culture, the baraat is known as Bor Jatri.

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My wedding is taking place at a hotel. How do I arrange for a baraat?

If you are hosting a destination wedding or your wedding is at a hotel, then your baraat may start at the entrance and go up to the lobby / banquet hall or even just loop around the parking lot. Prior to the baraat make sure that the hotel staff has been informed in advance about the customs and baraat. Your event coordinator or wedding planner can help with the logistics as you may need a license, especially if you are planning for a horse or an elephant.


How long does the Indian baraat take in the U.S.?

The baraat is a joyous custom involving songs and dances and can go on for an hour or longer, depending on your preference. Usually, the baraat will go for 30 minutes to an hour. Make sure that you plan the baraat with plenty of buffer for the garland exchange and wedding ceremony, which may be set according to nakshatras and shubh mahurat or auspicious timing. The baraat should not interfere with the rest of the customs. Otherwise enjoy the baraat for as long as you and your wedding guests like!


For my desi wedding in Texas, I don’t want a traditional baraat. What are unique baraat entry ideas?

While the groom may choose to enter on a horse or mare, there are plenty of other fun ideas for today’s modern baraat. Ditch the mare or ghodi for these fun and unconventional entry options for the groom:

  1. Enter on a segway or even in a batmobile
  2. Drive in a vintage car or a quirky bike with a sidecar
  3. Make a grand entry on an elephant with like a Maharaja
  4. Arrive in a chariot to keep it royal
  5. Drive in a quad bike or autorickshaw
  6. Enter in a golf cart or bicycle
  7. Land with a helicopter
  8. For beach weddings or a waterside wedding, make a splash with gondolas, yachts or other boats
  9. As a true Texan, enter with a Longhorn or in a truck


How can I add some extra to my wedding baraat?

You may add glamor to baraat with the following add-ons:


How much does an elephant or a horse cost for an Indian wedding?

If you are getting a horse in Dallas or Houston, it should cost you $400-600 for your baraat. If your horse has to travel to Austin, the price may be a bit higher. The price of an elephant for your baraat can be $8,000 - 10,000 or higher depending on the location and permits required.


What is the average cost of a baraat in Texas? Costs may vary based on the licenses you require, but below are average estimates for Indian weddings in Texas.


I want to book a horse (or elephant or longhorn) for my wedding baraat. What are tips on prepping for the baraat?


What questions should I ask the horse/elephant company?

Here is a list of some common questions to ask before finalizing a horse or any other animal for your wedding:


What are some memorable Indian wedding favors for the baraatis?

We’ve included wedding gift ideas across budgets.


What are popular Bollywood songs for the Indian wedding baraat welcome and groom’s entry?


What are helpful tips to organize a wedding baraat in Texas?

  1. Consider the weather when deciding the venue and arrangement of the baraat. Make proper arrangements for the baraatis with hot and cold weather in mind. Make sure you have alternate arrangements in case it rains or snows.
  2. Offer beverages and refreshments for your baraatis and wedding guests – like masala chai, mango lassi, chaas, samosas and jalebis.
  3. For fusion weddings, make sure to include songs that both sides of the family will enjoy.
  4. While there is no time limit for the baraat, make sure you schedule it well in advance of the wedding mahurat if you have one.
  5. Make sure you include the baraat start time on invitations along with the starting location, if it’s different from the wedding ceremony location.
  6. Have all of your permits in order. Special permits may be required at Desi wedding venues in Dallas, Houston, and Austin.


As a guest, can I skip the baraat? Do I have to dance in the baraat?

If you are from the groom’s side you may join the baraat for some songs and dance. Don’t be late for the baraat if you want to join in the fun. There is usually a drummer or dhol to which you can groove. The dance in a baraat is not a choreographed one. The baraatis dance on whatever steps come to their mind and you can definitely join in the fun even if you are a non-dancer!


What do I wear as a baraati?

You may dress up in traditional Indian wedding wear, like a lehenga or saree for women or a sherwani or kurta pajama for men.


What kind of music is played at the baraat?

All genres of music are played at the baraat – from dhol to band, hip hop, bhangra, Bollywood, old school Hindi, and English! You may even opt in for a shehnai!


Who are the top wedding baraat vendors in Texas?

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