The Desi Brides of Texas - A Royal Sikh Wedding in Houston

By Priya & Akash | 20 Apr 2022 | 6 min read

Welcome to The Desi Brides Of Texas. Today, we are featuring Priya and Akash’s gorgeous wedding. On October 1st, 2021, Priya and Akash tied the knot in Houston, Texas. Starshine Texas, Sikh Center, and Hilton Americas were amongst the venues they worked with. Priya and Akash had a Sikh wedding with over 700 guests.

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How did you and your partner meet?

Priya and Akash met in 2012 while both volunteering for the Vaisakhi Mela (a cultural event). During the planning meetings leading up to the event, they couldn't stop talking to each other (and nothing changed since then). Priya took part in the fashion show on the day of the event. Akash waited for her on the side of the stage as she exited the stage and asked her how it went. In the most Bollywood manner, she fainted and fell... and Akash? He had obviously caught her, putting the expression "falling in love" to its literal meaning. They've been together since she gained consciousness that evening!


What were your and your partner’s priorities for the wedding? 

Akash and Priya wanted to make sure that all of their friends and family, both local and visiting, were well cared for and received the best hospitality possible. They also wanted to make sure that the merging of two families went smoothly and that there was a lot of love and respect in the air.


Tell us about your favorite wedding details and how you came up with them.

Throughout the wedding, they had unique and significant details at each of their festivities. They had customized wine and wine labels with their wedding logo/date on them (Priya's family owns a vineyard). They also used her great grandmother's 120+ year old chair during her haldi ceremony, had an LED cake with their wedding logo and various designs (courtesy Dhol Beat International), customized invitations/bags/signage at each event (courtesy Ozel Designs), incredible decor (courtesy Mandap Creations), and the most mouth-watering desserts with a stunning display (courtesy Madhuram Sweets).


What was your favorite moment during your wedding? 

The most memorable moment for Priya and Akash was seeing each other for the first time in front of the Guru Granth Sahib at their wedding ceremony at the Sikh Center. They couldn't stop beaming from ear to ear as soon as they saw each other; it was a very lovely and meaningful moment between them.



If you could change anything about your wedding day(s), what would you change?

Priya and Akash faced numerous challenges when planning their wedding during COVID. They had to be extra cautious, and all attendees were required to submit proof of vaccination before the festivities. The most heartbreaking element was that due to travel limitations at the time, their international family was unable to attend any of their celebrations. Priya, in particular, has two grandparents who have always wanted to see their grandchild get married but were unable to do so given the distance.


What do you wish you had known before starting to plan your wedding?

Priya and Akash wished they had known how much their wedding would cost before they started planning. Priya found the expense to be outrageous in terms of how much it cost and how quickly it added up! Priya was amazed at how quickly time passed, especially in the month leading up to their wedding.


What guidance would you share with couples going into their wedding planning season?

Some guidance Priya and Akash would like to share with couples going into their wedding planning season would be to: over-organize, start early, involve the fewest number of people feasible in important decisions, plan a handoff for family/friends a week before your festivities, and concentrate on what matters to you and your partner. Do what makes you and your partner happy at the end of the day, and the rest will fall into place — nothing beats a happy bride and groom!


Vendor Credits

  • Electric Karma (Wedding Planner)
  • MnM Photography (Photography)
  • MJS Productions (Videography)
  • Mandap Creations (Decor)
  • Dhol Beat International (Set-Up/Lighting for Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding)
  • Agam Beats (Dholi)
  • Desi Junction DJs (Set-Up/Lighting for Reception)
  • Emcee Simba (Reception Emcee)
  • DJ Gaurav (New Jersey-- Sangeet DJ)
  • DJ Pragnesh (Wicked Entertainment-- California-- Reception DJ)
  • Eddie Saxophonist (Reception Entertainment)
  • Marky Booth (360 photo booth)
  • Dolce Designs (Cake)
  • SK Artistry (Makeup)
  • Braids by Betsy (Sangeet Hair)
  • Hair by Nusrat (Wedding Hair)
  • Desi the Diva (Reception Hair)
  • Living Doll (Henna)
  • Starshine Texas (Sangeet Venue)
  • Sikh Center of Houston (Wedding Venue)
  • Hilton Americas (Reception Venue)
  • Bombay Brasserie (Catering)
  • Kiran's Restaurant (Catering)
  • Madras Pavilion (Catering)
  • Madhuram Sweets (Catering)
  • Pappasito's Mexican (Catering)
  • Fadi's Mediterranean (Catering)


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