Wedding Photography 101: The Ultimate Guide For Finding Your Luxury Indian Wedding Photographer

By Sultana | 25 Apr 2022 | 17 min read

Indian Wedding Photography: A Complete Guide For Couples

Indian weddings are a whole new world of colors and textures, each as unique as the country itself. And, when it comes to celebrating a truly Indian wedding, only a wedding photographer trained in capturing images in this milieu will do. Although it's not the most talked about aspect of planning an Indian wedding, photography plays a big role in capturing the moments that mark this special occasion. The best way to make your wedding unforgettable is to capture the true essence of the celebrations in photographs. To do this, you need a photographer who understands Indian culture, knows how to get those perfect shots, and is comfortable / fun to work with.

To help you make an informed decision, The Desi Bride has created this guide to everything you should know and consider before hiring a photographer for your Indian wedding.


Wedding Photography Styles: What's The Right Style For You?

Good wedding photography is always the result of extensive and time-consuming planning. The first thing you should do is decide on a photographic style and communicate that to your photographer(s). If you're not sure what wedding photography styles there are, read about the most important and hottest five styles, and pick the one or ones that appeal to you the most.

Jason from J. Henry Studios says, “Many couples have been booking private locations and themed indoor studios to match their desired aesthetic, and inspire the imagination.  So many local parks have been overused, and even many destinations are being used by almost every photographer.  I always interview my couples to ascertain what their unique style is, and combined with the direction of our mood board, I will recommend a private, themed and staged, studio location that is tailored to them.  These themed shoots are the direction of where photography is heading and will set couples apart on any social media or publishing platform when they go to post their images.”


Candid Wedding Photography

Candid photography is the art of capturing photos that are spontaneous and look natural. This style of photography brings out the most memorable moments during the events of a wedding which is why more and more couples are leaving the trodden path of the traditional posed shots and are now going for pictures that capture a unique, fun-filled side of them. From a teary-eyed father and a proud grandma to the anticipating groom and shy bride, candid photography is a new and refreshing take on wedding photography that truly captures the essence of your desi wedding.

Jason from J. Henry Studios says, “I have always considered myself as a candid photographer.  People really want their most authentic moments to be captured as they originally happen.  Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, so in order to successfully do this, you do have to blend into the crowd….”


Source: J. Henry Studios


Traditional Wedding Photography

Have you seen those family photos in which everyone poses in a formal way? Or the maharaja portraits on google? These photos are created through a clean and classic composition and require lots of direction from the photographer. Whether you have a big family or a small clan, these photos deserve a spot in your wedding album and are sure to make all the elders happy and proud.

Lomesh Patel from Lomesh Photography says, “Our tagline is ‘Modern Styles. Traditional Values’. When we shoot, we keep the tagline in mind.  What it means is that we understand that most of our couples are looking for the documentary/modern style; while most parents still prefer the traditional style of photography.”


Source: Lomesh Patel


Artistic Wedding Photography

Indian weddings are a sight to behold with the decor and burst of incredible, vibrant colors. From the flowers, fabric, and jewelry to the outfits, food, and ornaments, photographers utilize all these elements of an Indian wedding to tell your story as a couple. The myriad of colors is an inspiration for the photographers and they use different techniques to capture and enhance the aesthetic appeal of desi weddings.


Documentary Wedding Photography

The documentary wedding photography approach, as opposed to posed photos, focuses on recording every aspect that occurs at your big, fat Indian wedding. This style is a perfect option for you to capture all the moments from the beginning to the end of your big day in chronological order. There are numerous essential traditions that occur during the events, as well as many important friends and family members that attend, making this style particularly suitable to this sort of occasion. 


Drone Wedding Photography

If you want to keep up with the newest photography styles and produce one-of-a-kind wedding photos, you must grasp the aerial photography trend. It should be noted that work in this genre necessitates the use of specialized equipment. To begin, you must have a nice drone with an HD camera mounted. The breathtaking vistas will be captured from a bird's-eye view. The composition is not important in this approach because every shot looks excellent from a high viewpoint. If the wedding ceremony is mostly held indoors, there will be plenty of opportunities for overhead photographs.


8 Qualities You Should Look For In A Wedding Photographer


Crazy crowds and larger-than-life ceremonies is the norm when it comes to Indian weddings. Since weddings are real-time events, even the most detailed organized weddings never go as planned and patience is the number one quality that is a must in an Indian wedding photographer. There must be a constant interaction between the photographer, the couple, and the couple's family to capture all the crucial shots. What can be even more mind-boggling is the self-appointed photography dictators directing how the photos must be taken and the constant photoshoot requests from other relatives of the couple and even a little fraying of temper can be harmful to the photographer's reputation as well as the event.

When it comes to different situations, Lomesh is all smiles! He says, “It's true, we always have a smile on our face throughout all the events regardless of any circumstances such as fatigue.”


Photographer Wedding Portfolio

A photographer's portfolio is the collection of all his work to date and it shows the quality and style of photos you will be getting. You will want to look at the diversity in the photographer’s portfolio. Be it light variations and shots of different situations, you must look at how the photographer captures getting-ready moments, mehendi ceremonies, dance movements at someone’s sangeet, candid moments between the couple, the emotional scenes of vidai if you choose to have one, and more. 



It is a critical and mature character trait of a photographer to keep their ego in check. It is true that they are hired because of their art and having confidence in one's work is often necessary to fuel a creative career. However, art is not the only priority of a couple when hiring a photographer. Their vision, budget, and several other factors matter which may not always fit the photographer's brand but a photographer must keep in mind that the day is all about the newlyweds and their happiness. At the end of the day, wedding photos must be what the couple wants and a representation of their wedding.


Friendly Approach

A photographer must be just another guest at your wedding who loves taking photos. This can only happen when you and your photographer make an effort to become friends as well as get to know each other better during the course of your wedding. The photographer must be professional, friendly, and pleasant to all guests, and regard everybody they meet at your nuptials as important, regardless of who they are. This way not only you and the photographer will be able to enjoy the events but you will also be more relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera while important and beautiful shots are captured.

Ushna from Ushna Khan Photography says, " I try to make my couples as comfortable as possible, showing them how images are turning out, adjusting any distracting elements or changing things around for light.” She recommends doing more engagement sessions and finding a photographer that your personalities mesh with so that you forget about the camera altogether. She also says, “Trust the photographer to get the angles and just live in the moment during the wedding, express what you feel, and the rest will just happen.”


Source: Ushna Khan Photography



Adaptability is a trait that's only desired personally but professionally as well. It's even more of a requirement when it comes to big fat Indian weddings. There are numerous things that can go wrong or obstacles may present themselves, and glitches and delays may occur throughout the days of the event. The photographer must be ready for each scenario and be ready to roll at any circumstance while having photography tricks up their sleeves. 



Having an eye for detail is a no-brainer for wedding photographers. It is a skill that is not taught but is learned through years of experience and it is one trait that you should definitely keep an eye out for when looking for photographers for your big day. Indian weddings are grand affairs and have a wide range of emotional moments and great gestures, but often the small things make a big difference. Focusing on small details allows the photographers to experiment more with the lighting, composition, and styles. Therefore, being meticulous is a highly valuable and sought-after quality of a wedding photographer.

Lomesh Patel from Lomesh Photography says, “From day one, we are readily available to answer any questions or concerns; not only about photography but about any other details as well.”


Source: Lomesh Patel



On your initial conversation with the wedding photographer you've chosen, you'll be able to see how well they'll give exactly what you're looking for. Photographers must have a clear understanding of what they are doing. Your wedding album isn't only a bunch of random photos. Rather, the book should tell the tale of your marriage, and a professional photographer will provide you with careful preparation from the start. The finest photographer for you understands your personal style and demands completely. It's also helpful to work with somebody who shares your aesthetic sensibilities—for example, somebody who knows that you may not want highly staged or formal images, but a more spontaneous and genuine appearance. It's also crucial to select somebody who takes the chance to get to know your beliefs in order to customize your journey. They should be a precious resource for you as you plan, supporting you in creating the ideal photographic schedule and providing advice on how to look great in your photos.

Jason from J. Henry Studios is as immersed in Indian culture as one can be. He says, “I’ve personally studied the Hindi language for over 2 years, and have learned to read and write. I eat all kinds of South Asian food, even outside the context of weddings and events, and have many dear friends who are South Asian.  So, when I photograph an Indian or South Asian wedding, I feel at home, and that carries over to how I interact with the friends, family members and vendors.”


Source: J. Henry Studios



You are investing a lot of time and dollars when you are hiring a photographer. You want him/her to deliver the best photos and document your wedding in the most comprehensive manner. Focusing on delivering the best quality, keeping in mind the values of the couple as well as other factors is sure to put a lot of pressure on the photographer. Moreover, there's next to no room for any errors. Photographers are required to create photos that are visually inventive and appear larger-than-life for their clientele. As a result, they must practice a variety of photography skills and abilities in order to cope with problems in a brief, high-pressure atmosphere.


17 Indian Wedding Pose Ideas That Will Steal Your Heart

Every wedding pose tells a story. The way two people smile, the way they hold their hands, the way they look into each other's eyes—these are all building blocks of each beautiful wedding pose. Each wedding pose is a special moment that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Capturing each of these moments is crucial so that you can look back on your wedding day and feel all the love from those around you. These wedding poses capture that unique story and make it a reality.

Ushna from Ushna Khan Photography says, "I wouldn't recommend poses per se. I think it's more important that as a couple you try to show your chemistry in front of the camera and tell the photographer more about you before a photoshoot. Wear things that not only are flattering on you but also look flattering on camera (they're not always the same things)." She absolutely loves first looks and feels that a lot of south Asian couples can be reserved when all the guests are watching. However, when it's just isolated, that is when all the magic happens. 

Source: Ushna Khan Photography


Jason from J. Henry Studios says, “As a candid style photographer, I always like to get my couples close to one another.  This brings out the emotion and chemistry between them, and highlights their relationship with each other.  Holding hands, face to face, eyes closed with a secret whisper in your significant other’s ear. All these things are classic poses that will make good images, but there are a few key elements that elevate the image from good to great.  Laughter is one of those elements in my couple's images that make them stand out from the rest.  Once I position my couple, I use a few cues to encourage them to burst out into spontaneous laughter, then capture the moment as it happens.  Lighting is another very important aspect of posing.  You must not only be skilled in using available light, but you must also be able to shape light around your couple to accentuate, or hide flaws if needed, to help your couple look their best, then pose them according to the light.”

1. The Bridal Dupatta Pose

Source: Vogue India


2. Top Angle Shot Capturing Your Grace and Poise

Source: India Today 


3. Where the Veil is a Paid Actor




4. Contemplating the Universe Shot

Source: Wedamor 


5. Breaking-the-Stereotype Bride

Source: Vogue India


6. Let There Be Light

Source: WedMeGood


7. Flower Power

Source: Wedding Sutra


8. The Sabyasachi Model Pose

Source: Shaadi Saga


9. The Royal Family

Source: Vogue India


10. Whispering Sweet Nothings

Source: Wedding Sutra


11. Straight out of a Fairytale

Source: Vogue India


12. A Flowery Entrance

Source: Vogue India


13. The Lovely Glance

Source: Vogue India


14. Twirling the Lehenga

Source: Vogue India


15. Love in the Air

Source: Vogue India


16. Eyes That Say So Much More

Source: Vogue India


17. The ‘Haldi’ Glow



Cover Photo Credit: MnM Photography


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